Incorporation services

Guernsey: ESR
Those planning to start a business in the Bailiwick of Guernsey should bear in mind the economic substance rules (ESR) that have recently come into effect on the island. They’re applicable to the
Company Registration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
If you are an overseas investor planning to register a company in Saudi Arabia, you may find this blog post useful. The article briefly describes the various types of legal entities that are
Settlement of TM Disputes in the EU
Legal brand protection is one of the key benefits of registering a TM in Europe and other jurisdictions. If you do not register your mark, other persons (brand squatters) can register and use
Italy: Historical TM
Recently, new regulations recognizing the value of marchio storico (or historical TMs) were introduced in the Republic of Italy. So, let’s take a closer look at the amended regulations & their significance for
Providing Incorporation Services
The most common way of doing business around the world is the incorporation of a company. Incorporation is known as a legal process used to form a corporate entity that varies from one
Singapore: Redomiciliation
Being eligible for the Singapore redomiciliation regime requires meeting certain criteria for size & solvency. A foreign company’s legal structure may need to be changed to LLC; its owners’ liability must be limited
Great Britain: Company Name
Registering an LTD in Great Britain requires using the words‘Limited’ or ‘LTD’ in its name. Those considering starting a company in Wales can also use their Welsh equivalents, i.e. “Cyfyngedig” or “CYF”. If
The Caymans Update The Economic Presence Guidelines
Recently, the newest ‘Guidelines to Cayman Substance’ has been released. This means that companies incorporated on the island are now required to prove the economic presence of their activities in this territory. If you are...
Doing Business in the US
Starting a Business in the US Depending on which state or city is chosen for registration, the cost & time of registering a company in the US may vary. Each state has its own rules...
Seychelles: IBC Registration
There’s quite a few advantages to registering an IBC in Seychelles. So, let's take a quick look at some of them. Taxation Seychellois IBCs only have to pay taxes on profits received in the Seychelles....
Jersey: Setting Up a Company
Opening a company in Jersey provides foreign investors with quite a few tangible advantages, namely: denominating capital in currencies of their choice;  issuing shares of
India: Online Gaming Business
If you intend to launch a gaming startup in India, you should pay particular attention to building customer loyalty & searching for new gaming portals. Launching an online gaming startup in India also requires you...
Mauritius: Registration of GBC
Those planning to open a company in the Republic of Mauritius should keep in mind that they can choose from several legal forms: companies; funds (CIFs or
Cayman Islands: ELP or "Fellowship On The Faith"
This article will be useful for entrepreneurs who intend to register a partnership in the Cayman Islands. Developing a business in a highly competitive market is a difficult task. Therefore, companies initiate partnerships to help...
Seychelles: Registration of a Trust
Registering a trust in the Seychelles enables its founders to reliably protect their assets; it also helps them limit their liability regarding their business. Those seeking to register a trust in the Republic of Seychelles...
Singapore: Establishing a Company
One of the most common legal forms for running companies in Singapore is a PLLC. The reason why it’s so popular is because it enables a company’s founders to bear liability only up to the...
Setting UP a JV With a Chinese Partner
Joint ventures (JVs) are the most difficult forms of organization due to the administrative complexities associated with a partnership between a foreign company and a local company. This article describes the key activities
Selling a Target Business
Goals & Planning Goals may range from deal to deal, but for simplicity’s sake they’re divided into personal & tax-related ones. Fulfilling personal goals involves freeing up capital so you can concentrate on gaining expected...
Thailand: TM Regulation
If you've made up your mind to expand your business in Southeast Asia and register a trademark in Thailand or another country in the region, take a few minutes to read our blog post as...
India: Company Registration 2021
The number of entrepreneurs wishing to set up a company in India is growing steadily every year, and in this material we invite you to familiarize yourself with the key prospects for doing
Luxembourg: IP Rights
Intellectual property laws can vary widely from country to country. A trademark is a particular kind of intellectual property. It is different from a copyright or a patent.One should register the TM rights both in...
Hong Kong: Registering a Company
The most common organizational & legal form for doing business in Hong Kong is LTD. Both experienced businessmen & novice startuppers select it to register a company in Hong Kong. Starting a business in HK...
What Is The Right Time To Sell A Business
The decision of business owners as to whether or not to sell a business is a complex and problematic issue. This review will be useful for entrepreneurs who want to sell
LP, GP, LLC Explained
When the question arises about the choice of organizational and legal form when creating a company, one of the common solutions among entrepreneurs is to register a limited partnership abroad.  In this blog post we...
Great Britain: Registering a Company
Registering a company in Great Britain requires choosing its legal form. So, let's take a quick look at what it takes to apply for registration of an LTD in Great Britain. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll...
Singapore: Company Types
Singapore is considered the main business and trade center of Southeast Asia. This city-state has a highly developed and successful market economy, and has attracted businessmen wishing to register a company in
Switzerland: Joint Ventures
There’s no legal definition of the term ‘joint venture’ in Switzerland; nor is there any  legislation directly applicable to JVs. Depending on a legal structure, registering a JV in Switzerland can take two different forms...
Malta: Registering a Company
The benefits of registering a company in the Republic of Malta include a transparent & simple registration process & a favorable taxation regime. By opening a company in Malta, you get to recruit a highly...
Top Tips for Starting a JV in China
LLC or LLP are the two main forms that are most popular among businessmen looking to open a joint venture in China. If you are interested in registering
How To Register a Company For Developing Google Play Apps
Today, developing applications and selling them on Google Play is a highly profitable business which is gaining popularity day after day. In order to engage in such entrepreneurial activity, first you should do is register...
UAE: Registering a Company in Ajman
Currently, the UAE has a total of thirty six FEZs, all of which have a special regime of taxation. It’s little wonder then that registering a company in Ajman or other FEZs in
Denial of TM Registration in China
Recently, there has been a growing question from customers as to what options they have for registering a trademark in China if such a trademark is similar or similar to another. It will be relatively...
Belize Restoring Positive Image
Registering a company in Belize is becoming a tempting idea for foreign entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Central America or participate in public investment programs. The reason for this is the amended legislation...
Isle of Man: Recent Changes in Tax Regime
Planning on registering a company in the Isle of Man ? If you are, then you should definitely pay close attention to the recent changes in the tax regime of this British
Top Tips How To Register a Foreign Company
Here’s a short foreign entrepreneur's guide to incorporating a limited liability company. Registration of a foreign company can be carried out only with professional assistance. If you plan to register an LLC in the US...
How To Register A Company In Montenegro
To register a company in Montenegro , you need to choose an organizational and legal form, prepare documents and you can start! However, there are some subtleties that we will tell you
Register A Company Abroad: What You Should Know?
It is well known that in order to conduct business abroad , an entrepreneur should, first of all, register a company , open a bank account, obtain a permit for activity.
Norway: Digital Business
Development & maintenance of big data centers capable of processing large volumes of data remains the number one priority for all sectors of Norwegian economy, especially for those of them that rely heavily on modern...
Great Britain: Establishing a JV
Establishing a JV in Great Britain is a rather cumbersome process; however, once completed, it provides all its participants with a number of tangible benefits. Of course, there’s disadvantages too (e.g. having to settle financial...
JV Setting Up in Thailand
Joint ventures in Thailand most often occur between Thai citizens and foreigners who want to expand the geography of their business and conquer new markets. Joint ventures between Thai