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Greece: M&A
Concluding an M&A deal in Greece requires submitting an application for a merger. An application is submitted within thirty business days after an M&A agreement is concluded, an announcement is made or a
Germany: M&A
Conducting an M&A transaction in Germany requires obtaining permission from the FCO (the local regulator). The regulator must also be sent written notification of a deal before & after its completion. Initiating a
The UK: Healthcare & High Tech Merger Control
European countries are paying increasing attention to FDI regulation. The UK is preparing to toughen the conditions for foreign investors' access to the domestic market as well.  British government has developed a draft
Switzerland: Private M&A
The Swiss Confederation is characterized by a favorable legal environment for private mergers and acquisitions. Here, the parties have complete contractual freedom to agree on the terms of the transaction. Furthermore, foreign investment
Taiwan: M&A
Those seeking to conclude an M&A deal in the Special Municipality of Taiwan should keep in mind that the country has no specific rules about filing deadlines. However, a notification must be filed
Thailand: Merger Notice
If you want to start an M&A transaction in Thailand, it is important to know that a prerequisite for such transactions is obtaining the approval of the local regulator. If the notification is
Czech Republic: M&A
Concluding an M&A deal in the Czech Republic requires obtaining approval from the relevant regulator (i.e. the Competition Protection Agency). Participants may submit a notice after the required documents are signed
Costa Rica: Merger Notice and Approvals
Mergers in Costa Rica have become increasingly popular in the past few years. This is primarily due to the low tax environment offered by the jurisdiction. The special status of this zone is
Cyprus: M&A
The main piece of legislation governing M&A transactions in the Republic of Cyprus is the M&A Control Act. M&A deals involving major corporations & transfer of substantial financial resources must be reported to
Croatia: Merger Notice and Obtaining Permissions
In this blog post, we will briefly analyze the regulation of mergers in Croatia and describe how the notification of intent to conduct a merger in Croatia is filed, including the stages and
M&A in Australia
The main piece of legislation governing M&A transactions in Australia is the CCA; the oversight functions are vested in the ACCC. Obtaining approval for an M&A transaction in Australia requires providing
South Africa: DD of Private M&A
Conducting private M&A transactions in the SAR requires buyers to perform financial DD of a company to be bought. Performing DD normally involves: analyzing assets;  identifying risks.
M&A in Italy
Purchasing Italian PLCs is normally done as: purchasing quotas or stocks (for LLCs or JSCs); public offers; transferring going concerns or their parts;
Mexico: Private Company Purchase&Sale Transactions
Mexico is the second largest investment attracted country in Latin America after Brazil. The proximity to the USA, the special relationship of these two countries within the framework of the North American Free
Irish Public M&A: Legal Landscape
Planning to acquire an Irish public company? You can initiate an M&A transaction in Ireland in three ways - by takeover proposals, arrangement schemes or by merger (international or domestic). Prior to
Great Britain: DD in Private M&A
The conclusion of a UK merger deal usually occurs after due diligence (DD) of the target enterprise. It is extremely important in such transactions, as well as in the acquisition of expensive real
India: M&A
For easiness’s sake, M&A deals in India can be divided into 2 categories: those involving the purchase of Indian companies’ assets; those involving the purchase of Indian
Spain: DD In Private M&A
Concluding an M&A deal in Spain often includes a preliminary due diligence (DD) of a Spanish company. A comprehensive study of the information provided implies a set of actions aimed at checking the
Saudi Arabia: TM Protection
Those considering filing a TM infringement suit in Saudi Arabia have 2 options: pursuing administrative action or taking legal action. The 1st option requires applicants to file a complaint with the Riyadh-based ACFD.
Qatar: M&A
Pursuant to Qatari legislation, individuals having access to data related to an M&A transaction in Qatar are prohibited from disclosing it to 3rd parties (unless there’s an urgent need for that). If any information is...
Australia: TM Disputes
Normally, TM disputes in Australia are tried by single adjudicators. When it comes to TM infringement cases, they’re usually handled by federal or supreme courts in each state. However, the majority of TM cases are...
Transferring IPR in Switzerland: M&A
Acquiring a Swiss company should always start with an analysis of the purchased IPR. An IPR registry can provide purchasers with information on registered rights; however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s always complete &...
M&A in Switzerland
M&A deals in Switzerland are regulated by the Competition Act & overseen by ComCo. Initiating a transaction requires submitting the necessary documents & signing relevant agreements. Failure to file a notification entails a fine of...
Switzerland: M&A Regulation
M&A deals in Switzerland are regulated by two pieces of legislation — CartA & MCO. The authorization to oversee M&A transactions in Switzerland is vested in ComCo. Those planning to initiate an M&A transaction in...
Public M&A in Ghana
Experienced entrepreneurs know that when building a business in West Africa, you need to start in Ghana. The economy of this country is one of the most actively developing in the West African region and...
Caymans: IP Protection in Fintech
Apart from paying attention to the general provisions of Fintech regulation in the Caymans, individuals & companies seeking to register a fintech company in the Caymans should also be able to effectively protect their data...
DD in Austria
Performing DD in Austria  Buying a business in Austria usually involves dealing with a number of operational, tax & legal issues. Success or failure of DD may depend on an industry a company is operating...
Concluding Public M&A Deals in Germany
M&A of AGs in the Federal Republic of Germany are divided into 3 main types: acquisitions; reorganizations & M&As; cooperation models. Reorganization & M&A of German AGs Such a transaction is carried out by: a...
Public M&A in Germany
The main piece of legislation regulating public M&A transactions in Germany is the ARC Law. Oversight functions are vested in two agencies: FCO & BaFin. Conducting public M&A deals in Germany requires adherence to M&A...
Colombia: M&A
Those considering concluding an M&A deal in the Republic of Colombia should keep in mind that they must report any such transaction to the SIC (a local regulator). The exceptions to this rule are M&As...
Hong Kong: Database Protection in Relation to Copyright
In this blog post, we will look at the protection of database rights in HK and the legal regulation of database access in HK. Codes, programs, source code, or related software are generally protected by...
IP Registration in Guernsey and Data Protection
Guernsey has an extensive set of intellectual property laws. This body of laws provides some rights not found in many other jurisdictions. This largely determines the fact that the registration of IP objects in Guernsey...
Serbia: DD of Private M&A
Typically, DD of an M&A deal in Serbia requires buyers to verify the following aspects: legal position; financial condition; tax issues; assets. Full legal DD of a Serbian company is going tol cover: corporate status;...
Swiss Confederation: Transnational M&A Deals
Initiating mergers or takeovers in Switzerland involves a transfer of liquidated entities’ liabilities & assets to newly registered companies. Conducting an M&A transaction requires getting approval of no less than  ⅔  of stakeholders & ninety...
Malta: Merger Review and Approval
If you intend to conclude a merger transaction in Malta, you should pay special attention to the procedure for verification and approval of such transactions by government authorities. This will help to avoid
Philippines: DD in Private M&A
This article describes the specifics of DD and disclosure under the current M&A regime in the Philippines. The conclusion of a M&A transaction in the Philippines necessarily includes due diligence (DD) of the object of...
Germany: TM Protection for Domains
If you intend to register a TM for a domain name or face the need to resolve a domain dispute in Germany, it is worth considering some peculiarities of the legal requirements, which are described...
Greece: M&A Deals
Those planning to conclude an M&A deal in the Republic of Greece should keep in mind that purchasers get less info about a company they’re going to buy when it comes to unsolicited bids. In...
EU: M&A Deals Amid the COVID Pandemic
If selling a business in Europe causes it to change its value, parties strive to share the risks by agreeing on a price adjustment mechanism. The two main mechanisms are: invoices in which the purchase...
Spain: Companies Merger 2021
Spain is a developed European country, which, despite the leaps and a series of crises, has always been distinguished by high investment attractiveness. 2020 has changed a lot for the worse for