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Why do you need to buy real estate abroad? Well, you can buy real property for yourself and reside in a livable country in your own house or apartment, or you can use your real property as an office if you decide to start your own business overseas.

But at the same time there are other incentives to purchase a real estate in a foreign country. You may consider it as a long-term investment for the purpose of subsequent sale or rental.

There are two ways to benefit from purchasing a real estate abroad:

  • Getting an official source of income through the rental of your real property;
  • Having an official, legitimate income and paying taxes in a particular country makes it easier to subsequently obtain a permanent residence permit.

But regardless of all the benefits and tempting prospects of owning a property overseas, there are several issues a buyer should always remember of, starting with the seller’s bad faith and ending with the requirements of local legislation.

To help you avoid unpleasant situations while choosing and buying a piece of real estate, our lawyers will readily provide you with legal advice with respect to the selection of appropriate jurisdiction and provide full service and affordable legal support to finalize your real estate transaction.

Our professional services include:

  • Legal due diligence;
  • Legal advisory services during the negotiation process with a counterparty;
  • Regulatory compliance review of legal instruments;
  • Portfolio optimization with transaction costs.