Project Finance Structuring

The vast majority of projects around the world are financed through loans. Sponsors can choose to finance the project abroad directly or indirectly. If they choose the direct path of financing, then funds

Project Finance: Key Documents in Transactions

Project finance is the financing of investment projects, in which the project itself is a way of servicing debt obligations. Lenders evaluate the investee in terms of profitability, which will ensure the repayment

Malta: Updated FDI Regulation

In the European Union in recent years, there has been a rapid increase in investment related to critical EU assets. Earlier last year, the EU adopted a new FDI valuation regime, which is

E-Commerce Directive: Malta & Great Britain

2020 saw the MFSA issue a circular outlining the impact of Brexit on Maltese license holders operating in Great Britain via the Internet. The circular primarily refers to the E-Commerce Directive, which covers

South Korea: PEF Regulatory Features

Direct investment is a risky investment in a company, while the main task of such a step is to support a profitable business idea with funds and provide investors with a high income.

Portugal: PEF Regulation

Purtuguese legislation doesn’t make any clear difference between venture & private equity capital; hence, one can use them interchangeably. If it isn’t specified otherwise, "private equity" can stand for operations involving equity &

Tackling Liquidity Problems: Private Funds

Those planning on establishing an open-end fund in Asia or the EU should be mindful of these three important criteria: the liquidity of such structures is periodic & depends on

Malaysia: FDI Regime

Acquiring shares of a Malaysian company requires obtaining a license. The sectors where getting a license is mandatory are: FSI; Islamic insurance; banking;

Japan: Fund Regulation

Establishing a PEF in Asia often takes the form of LPS (or a limited liability partnership). The establishment of an LLP in Japan is only possible after an agreement between its managers is

Switzerland: Funds

Entrepreneurs planning to establish a fund in Switzerland should keep in mind that the exclusive authority to regulate & oversee funds in this country rests with FINMA. They’ll be also required to ensure

Project Finance: Europe, Asia & America

Project finance (or PF) was, is & will likely be an extremely popular way of attracting funds for infrastructure projects in the EU. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in France is widely used to finance

Australia: Digital Markets

Registering a FinTech company in Australia is one of the most attractive options for entrepreneurs seeking to do business in this country. So let’s take a closer look at the key features of

Thailand: AML/CTF Laws Updated

Thailand has recently overhauled its AML and CTF laws. The need for such a step was dictated by the huge volumes of money laundered that took place before the new legislation came into

Luxembourg: Funds

By setting up an investment fund in Luxembourg, its founders can obtain EU citizenship, Tht, in turn, means that funds (& their managers) may be purchased by investors in the EEA under a

Project Finance: Key Participants

Project company - a limited liability organization, partnership or JV. Those seeking to register a project company in a foreign jurisdiction should keep in mind that such a structure will in

Mutual Trusts in Ireland

Those seeking to establish a mutual trust in the Republic of Ireland should keep in mind that their activities will be governed by the Investment Act. Mutual trusts are defined as arrangements entered

The UK and Switzerland Expand Cooperation in the Field of Finance

Coordination of the financial system in terms of sustainability is not an abstract concept at all. This is already happening as policymakers and financial supervisors respond to the need to create efficient and

Luxembourg: Direct Investment Regulation

Luxembourg is Europe's largest center of attraction for investment funds, whose total assets exceed 3 trillion euros.  It is the 2nd largest investment fund center in the world after the U.S.  Over

Setting Up a JV Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus has plunged the world into a new reality with closed borders, remote work, disrupted shipments and canceled deals. But the business is not discouraged and is trying to capitalize on the

Saudi Arabia: PEF Regulation

Fund regulation in Saudi Arabia has a number of features that are crucial to consider before starting a business in this jurisdiction. In our blog post, we will provide a brief overview of

Pooled Funds in Hong Kong

Investors seeking to establish a pooled fund in HKSAR have two options: creating unit trusts (requires concluding a trust agreement); establishing a VCC in HKSAR.

New Rules For PEF in Hong Kong

In the investment environment, the Special Administrative Region of China is usually called Asian Switzerland. However, Covid-19 has made its own adjustments and threatens to lose this prestigious status. To remedy the situation,

France: Traditional Funds

The basic rules governing the activities of traditional funds in France are contained in: Monetary & Financial Codes; General provisions on monetary funds; Funds’

FDI in France

Some foreign investments in the French economy require getting prior approval from the France’s Economic Ministry (a process referred to as FDI regulation in France). In 2020, the MEF announced the launching of

FDI: Changes in Singapore

If you have decided to register an investment company in Singapore, you have chosen the right time to do so. The country's authorities have directed all economic efforts to attract FDI and create

Malta: Financial Services Regulatory Update

Under a recently issued circular, the MFSA, Malta’s number one financial regulator, intends to expedite the process of obtaining a financial services license in the Republic of Malta by: introducing

Hong Kong: FDI Regulation and Licensing

The Special Administrative Region of China has long and firmly occupied the position of one of the largest capital markets in the world. HK is also a leading center for direct investment, ranking

Japan: Direct PEF Regulation

Today's blog post will be relevant to those planning to establish direct PEF in Asia and have chosen Japan as a jurisdiction for their business. Legal and regulatory framework

Germany: Private Investment Regulation

If you are looking to establish a PEF in Germany, please note that the national investment regulation has been revised to be in sync with the EU Directive. The financial supervision of PEFs

Ireland: Pooled Funds

Established specifically for the purpose of putting depositors’ money in assets, a pooled fund in Ireland (PFs) can be set up as a UCITS; an AIF for

Tanzania's Mining Regulation: Updated Regulatory Framework

In an effort to provide employment to Tanzania’s citizens & ensure protection of the country’s natural resources, the Tanzanian Parliament passed the 2017 Mining Law. However, soon after its enactment, foreign entrepreneurs seeking

Caymans: Updated Legislation Regarding PEF

4The Cayman Islands have long been considered the number one jurisdiction in the world of offshore investment funds. Many projects with investment fund structuring have been implemented through the jurisdiction. Meanwhile, in the

UAE: Direct PEF Regulation

For entrepreneurs wishing to start financial activities in the UAE, it is important to know that the SCA is the main regulator in the United Arab Emirates regarding PEFs. The regulator strictly monitors

Austria: Direct PEF

This blog post will take a look at some of the details of the direct PEF establishment in Austria, and their regulation. Direct investment involves investing directly in real assets or gaining control over a...

Indonesia: Protection of Foreign Investment

If you are planning to start investing in Indonesia, we recommend reading today's material. It should be noted at once that legal protection of foreign investors in Indonesia is quite inconsistent, and sometimes unpredictable. In...

Belgium Merger Notice

Mergers in Belgium can be fast tracked using simple filing rules. The Belgian Antimonopoly Authority has published a message with additional rules regarding the simplified procedure for certain types of concentrations. As a result, companies...

About Foreign Investment in Japan In Brief

This post will be useful for entrepreneurs who want to invest in Japanese business. It is common knowledge that FDI not only enhance business opportunities for investors but also provide many benefits for host countries....

Brazil: PEF Regulation

PEF regulation in the Republic of Brazil is the exclusive prerogative of the CVM. There’s also Anbima, a self-regulatory body that only has jurisdiction over members of this organization. The rights vested in the CVM...

Cyprus: Changes to the Investment Program

The Cyprus Investment Program (CIP) is a profitable and economical way to obtain EU citizenship and the fastest way to obtain Cypriot citizenship. One of the key features of this program is its investment policy,...

Southeast Asia: TM Protection

The most common form of TM infringement in Southeast Asia is selling counterfeit products via websites, online marketplaces & social media. The user policy of these sites make it possible for the sellers to maintain...