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If you've made up your mind to expand your business in Southeast Asia and register a trademark in Thailand or another country in the region, take a few minutes to read our blog post as it provides some practical advice on brand registration in that part of the world. 

This is not to say that this procedure is especially different from the formalities of registration in other countries, but still there are certain features.

For example, the reasons why you may be denied registration of a trademark in Thailand have significant differences from the list of grounds for refusing to register a trademark in Europe or the USA.

Ensuring brand protection is an aspect that needs to be given special attention to all business owners. To get acquainted with the main provisions of trademark regulation in Thailand will be relevant for those planning to start a business in Asia.

Enforcing IP protection in Thailand

IP in the Kingdom of Thailand is governed by:

  • Law on Trademarks;
  • Law on patents;
  • Copyright Law;
  • Law on commercial secrets.

The Kingdom of Thailand is a member and signatory of most of the international conventions and protocols related to the protection of intellectual property.

Requirements for TMs in Thailand

If you decide to register a trademark in Thailand, it is worth considering that it must be “peculiar” and unique and show no similarity with previously registered TMs.

Please note that even if the trademark was registered in Thailand, for certain reasons it may be canceled.

Trademarks that are not subject to registration:

  1. Have characteristics related to the nation, royal family, royal house, local government, or international organizations;
  2. Are contrary to public order and morality;
  3. Coincide with a well-known mark, regardless of the presence or absence of registration;
  4. Are similar to already registered TM;
  5. May lead to confusion or false information to the public regarding the product owner, manufacturer or place of its origin.

For violations of TM rights in Thailand, criminal punishment is provided.

Professional assistance

For more information on TM registering in Thailand, do not hesitate to contact IQ Decision UK professional team. Our experts will provide advice on trademark regulation in Asia and provide the necessary legal assistance for business in Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. If you need to resolve a TM dispute in Asian countries, you can also count on our qualified legal assistance.