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Trademark protection is an important issue that interests entrepreneurs after TM has been registered. TM protection is mainly focused on the fact that no one can take advantage of your brand, because such actions can lead to lower revenues and other unpleasant losses for the business. We have made a selection of measures that can be taken to protect the TM.

TM protection measures

  1. Trademark monitoring: a trademark monitoring service can be used to monitor its use through publications in the media, various types of advertising, the Internet. Fees for these services range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the scale and specifics of monitoring services. Alternatively, you can monitor the protection of the TM yourself.
  2. Quality control: such services are intended to implement procedures and/or guidelines to verify that the company's staff correctly uses your brand in advertising posts, brochures, letters, etc. This includes checking the font, color, spelling of the TM, spellings, capital letters, etc.
  3. Warning letters: This method is best used when you see that someone is using your trademark or similar mark. We recommend that if you find that someone is potentially damaging your reputation, you should contact that company or another of your choice to discuss conflict resolution options. A well-written and legally correct letter can stop the illegal use of your mark.

We have listed only a few possible options for trademark protection. Highly qualified professionals from IQ Decision UK specialize in trademark registration in Europe and beyond, as well as their protection.

Our specialists will provide:

  • qualified advice on the nuances of trademark registration;
  • check the presence of similar marks in the database;
  • prepare and submit for registration the entire package of documents;
  • ensure rapid receipt of the registration certificate;
  • assistance in the protection of TM in case of violation.

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