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Courts in the Republic of Singapore are authorized to render judgements on copyright infringement & fraud. Initiating litigation in the Republic of Singapore, whether with a regular or Supreme Court, is pivotal on statutory provisions & a claim’s value. State courts are also authorized to settle IP disputes in Singapore, while claims for patent infringement can be submitted to the Supreme Court. As per the People's Association, courts or secretaries have the authority to issue statements about whether specific acts qualify as patent infringements.

Site & Jurisdiction

For Singaporean courts to render judgements in international disputes, cases/defendants must be legally linked to the Republic of Singapore. Alternatively, a Singaporean court should make sure that the Republic of Singapore is a suitable place to adjudicate disputes.

Courts in the Republic of Singapore are authorized to adjudicate disputes involving Singapore-based individuals if the latter have given their consent to abide by Singaporean legislation. If, after the commencement of legal proceedings, they have proven beyond reasonable doubt that they want the proceedings to be administered under Singaporean legislation, courts may also adjudicate disputes in the Republic of Singapore.

Resolving IP Disputes in the Republic of Singapore

If they’ve made sure that disclosure is necessary at this stage of resolving a dispute in the Republic of Singapore, Singaporean courts may order case disclosure by furnishing a list of documents to parties. Disclosure may pertain to documentation on which a court's decision will later be based.

Early disclosure is permitted; however it’s only allowed in limited circumstances (e.g. if a plaintiff hasn’t got enough factual evidence to resolve a dispute in the Republic of Singapore).

Patents’ Violation

Should registered patent holders detect any authorized use of their inventions, they’re fully entitled to put a stop to such illicit activities

TMs’ Violation

Owners of Singapore-registered TMs are fully entitled to make use of their TMs with regard to products/services they were registered for. Using identical TMs with regard to identical products/services is construed as violation, if it’s likely to mislead the public. By settling TM disputes in the Republic of Singapore, parties can reach a deal through arbitration or courts.

Well-known TMs can enjoy much broader protection. TMs are considered well known if a certain section of society is intimately familiar with them. If that’s the case, their owners are fully entitled to restrict their usage by having courts issue an injunction with regard to the same/similar products/services.

Copyright Violation

Owners of copyrighted works are fully entitled to permit other individuals to perform certain actions with regard to their works (getting licenses for copyrighted objects in the Republic of Singapore). A violation of copyrights occurs if any of these unauthorized activities are perpetrated:

  • replicating artworks;
  • publishing not yet published artworks;
  • doing public performances;
  • adapting artworks;
  • publicly displaying artworks;
  • duplicating movies or audios;
  • publicly playing movies;
  • selling, importing or publicly displaying artworks;
  • misattributing authorship of artworks;
  • deleting or modifying info attributable to artworks.

If you need to resolve an IP dispute in the Republic of Singapore or require a consultation on regulation of IP disputes in Singapore, do not hesitate to contact IQ Decision UK. Our team of experts will be happy to give you a hand with any matters related to protection of IP rights in Singapore.