International dispute resolution

Poland: Arbitration
Several years ago, disputes involving Polish parties were usually referred to foreign arbitration institutions. Nowadays, Warsaw itself is becoming an international arbitration site, while Polish lawyers are acting as arbitrators in major international
Is International Arbitration Possible in Ecuador?
If you are a foreign investor looking to resolve a business dispute with a local partner in Ecuador, then you can expect a favorable outcome much more than three years ago. The Ecuadorian
Spain: Commercial Mediation Features
Mediation is widely used to resolve international commercial disputes in Spain, and the range of conflicts covered by this tool is quite extensive - from disputes arising from civil relations (entrepreneurial, other economic
Japan: Mediation Types
Mediation in Japan is divided into 3 types: court-assisted mediation - divided into 2 subtypes: 1) mediation administered in civil cases (including commercial ones); 2) family mediation;
Mediation in Germany
Those seeking to resolve a dispute in the EU should keep in mind that the parties should be personally involved in pre-mediation negotiations. That said, the involvement of lawyers or attorneys acting as
Importance of Resolving Disputes by Mediation
Mediation refers to an out-of-court settlement of a dispute. Being a less costly alternative to litigation, it also takes less time & provides parties to a dispute with more options.  So,
International Arbitration in Kenya
If you are interested in settling an international arbitration dispute in Kenya, please note that local arbitration law is based on English law. It ensures that arbitration in the Republic of Kenya is
Singapore: Choosing the Mediator
Dispute resolution through mediation in Singapore is a fairly common way to use ADR to settle conflicts peacefully. In such proceedings, the mediator’s role is crucial, therefore the parties need to approach the
Taiwan: ADR
The models used in resolving business conflicts are formed on the basis of the cultural and legal attitudes in the society in relation to the conflict, which encourage or prohibit one or another
Bulgaria: Arbitration Law Amended
In order to strengthen consumer rights, Bulgarian legislation has undergone a number of major changes in recent years. As a result, settlement of consumer disputes through arbitration in Bulgaria became impossible, and arbitration
Settlement of Labor Disputes in Brazil
The possibility of settling labor disputes by arbitration in Brazil before going to court is guaranteed by the country's Basic Law. However, surprisingly enough, labor disputes are still rarely referred to arbitration. This
How to Settle an International Commercial Dispute in Bangladesh
Most business disputes and disagreements arising in the execution of cross-border contracts are resolved by international commercial arbitration, which is widely recognized and whose prestige is steadily increasing even in countries with a
Improvements to International Arbitration in Peru
In this article, we will analyze the latest legislative developments related to dispute resolution by arbitration in Peru, as well as the amendments that were made to the Arbitration Law last year.
Bangladesh: International Arbitration Issues
International arbitration in the People's Republic of Bangladesh has its own characteristics. For example, if you are an investor and need to start arbitration in Bangladesh, it is important to keep in mind
Commercial Mediation in Austria
Some of the key benefits of commercial mediation in the Republic of Austria include: wide scope; compatibility with other ADR methods; inexpensiveness;
Romania: Arbitration Awards
By entering into an arbitration agreement, you can provide for the resolution of disputes with your counterparty in one of the world's arbitration centers operating on a permanent basis. Another option is to
Mediation in China
Resolving a dispute through mediation in China is one of the most effective ADR methods. Those planning to start a business in the PRC  should keep in mind that mediation is often used
AI-Assisted Mediation
Last year, an online dispute mediated by a robot resulted in the payment of an outstanding consultation fee. In fact, it wasn’t even a robot but an AI tool designed to bring the
Rules of International Arbitration in Bulgaria
If you are planning to settle a commercial dispute by arbitration in Bulgaria, then you are not mistaken with jurisdiction - the country is considered favorable for resolving both internal and cross-border conflicts.
Switzerland: ADR Features
Of all ADR methods, arbitration in Switzerland takes the leading place as an alternative to litigation. However, this type of ADR is more common in international commercial disputes than in domestic ones.
Romania: Arbitration Regulation
Arbitration is one of the most common ways of alternative resolution of business conflicts in Romania. The jurisdiction is working hard to form the correct pro-arbitration court practice. There are very positive developments
Philippines: Arbitration
Those seeking to initiate arbitration proceedings in the Republic of the Philippines should keep in mind that their arbitration agreement is to be concluded in written form & signed by them or their
Norway: ADR
Settlement of disputes through arbitration in Norway is done in accordance with the OCC Institute’s requirements. 2017 saw the creation of a new arbitration institution called the NOMA. The main goal of the
Ecuador: Arbitration
Resolution of disputes by mediation in Ecuador, including domestic & international litigation, is governed by the Arbitration Act. It provides for special proceedings through specialized institutions that can be incorporated by NPOs originally
Singapore: ADR
Responsible for administering the majority of disputes, the SIAC is the number one arbitration institution in Singapore. When it comes to domestic arbitration, parties can contest awards delivered by arbitration tribunals by filing
Portugal: ADR
The main arbitration institution in Portugal is the CAC. The Portuguese Court of Arbitration for Sport began its operation in 2015. Portugal is a party to the NYC. The country’s government encourages the
Singapore: Enforcement of Arbitral Awards
Singapore has a strong reputation as a leading regional hub that you can turn to when you need to resolve a commercial dispute in Asia. How realistic is it to enforce a
France: International Arbitration
The main piece of legislation regulating arbitration in France is the CCP. The exclusive jurisdiction to deliver awards in domestic disputes lies with arbitration courts. Courts can assist parties to arbitration by appointing
Mexico: ADR
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Mexico is encouraged by the government to relieve the pressure on the courts from the growing number of cases that need to be resolved. If you are looking
ADR in Spain
Approved in 2003, the Arbitration Act was meant to provide arbitrators with an effective & flexible mechanism for resolving domestic & international disputes in the Kingdom of Spain. Its another goal was to
UAE: Dispute Resolution Amid COVID-19
Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, hearings in the courts of Abu Dhabi have been postponed indefinitely & are unlikely to resume any time soon. Instead, a new online case management system
Pakistan: Arbitral Awards
Pursuant to Article XV of the Arbitration Law, tribunals can amend awards on their own if they contain factual or typographical errors. Parties may also apply to a court & request an amendment
Serbia: Arbitration
Those seeking to resolve a dispute by arbitration in the Republic of Serbia are at liberty to select the rules for conducting arbitration or refer their case to centers specializing in peaceful settlement
Panama: Arbitration
Modelled on the UML & ICC Arbitration Rules, Panama's arbitration legislation also has similarities with legislation of other countries (e.g. France, Mexico & Spain).  Those seeking to initiate arbitration in the Republic
Italy: ADR
It is not prohibited by law to resolve commercial disputes through ADR in Italy. Mediation or arbitration in Italy are the most widespread and in growing demand, especially for the resolution of international business disputes....
Malta Arbitration Regulation
Arbitration in the EU is one of the priority methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the territory of all member states. If you need to settle a dispute through arbitration in Malta, this article...
Argentina: Resolving Disputes by Arbitration
Previously, settlement of disputes through registration in Argentina was regulated solely by procedural codes of specific provinces. After the NCC was enacted, arbitration agreements, whose provisions apply to the territorial units of Argentina, have been...
Features of Hungarian Arbitration
This blog post provides a brief overview of the arbitration procedure in Hungary, which will be relevant for those who carry out business operations in this EU member state. What you need to know Business...
Arbitration in Austria
Arbitration in Austria can be initiated either on the basis of rules developed by parties themselves or institutional rules. Those seeking to initiate arbitration in Austria can conclude arbitration agreements for any pecuniary claims that...
Mediation or Litigation: Which to Choose?
If you choose to start litigation amid a pandemic, expect longer timelines for preparing your case for a final hearing as court officials try to adjust to telecommuting. Сourts are working in a special regime...