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Last year, an online dispute mediated by a robot resulted in the payment of an outstanding consultation fee. In fact, it wasn’t even a robot but an AI tool designed to bring the parties closer together through a blind trading system. The blind trading service offered by IPOS isn’t based on any sophisticated algorithms; however, it provides parties with a fast & fairly inexpensive way of resolving monetary disputes in Great Britain & the EU.

It’s important to understand that disputes aren’t always about money. Mediators can study the behavior of parties to see if there’s, for example, a power struggle. By doing so, they can understand their real motivation & resolve a dispute in Great Britain more effectively. Typically, mediators have the skills & experience to understand when parties need to be reminded of an alternative to a settlement, or when it’s better to seek a compromise rather than push confrontation. 

Mediation in Great Britain: Making People-Centered Decisions

When it comes to using AI for resolving disputes by mediation in Great Britain or the EU, it’s impossible to predict what decision AI will make. A robot can be pre-programmed with information that allows it to make an automatic decision which isn’t necessarily right.

Mediators tend to examine the reasons why parties are unwilling to pursue litigation & what prevents them from resolving a financial dispute in Europe.

Various AI tools can really help lawyers analyze evidence & assist them in preparing for litigation.

However, there’s no guarantee that AI ​​can prepare an appropriate position statement. If you need to resolve a dispute through mediation in Europe, you should keep in mind that the best mediation statements are statements prepared by parties to a dispute themselves.

As practice shows, the settlement of a dispute in Europe is facilitated by situations when parties:

  • talk about what they think has gone wrong with their business;
  • pledge to share responsibility;
  • discuss what actions must be taken to resolve a dispute by mediation in the EU.

Self-awareness plays a large role in persuading the other party to approach mediation in a similar way & eventually reach a compromise.


There’s no doubt that using modern technology for settling disputes by mediation in the EU can greatly contribute to the increase in productivity & efficiency of the mediation process. However, the body language used by parties & various behavioral factors that AI technology is unable to recognize at the moment must also be taken into account. Unlike AI that relies solely on logic & precise data, mediators can analyze the emotional state of the parties & make their decisions based on that.

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