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Intellectual property protection services can cost a lot of money, and IP registration in the UK or other European countries can be particularly costly. However, there are still some ways to reduce and even minimize costs. This article will focus on them.

Terms of IP ownership

Extending the period of ownership of a brand can pay off, as this time can be used to collect brand usage fees. There is nothing wrong with that, but you should still use the available time rationally, since ensuring the timely submission of documents for the renewal of TM rights can lead to significant cost savings.

IP protection for individual accounts

Typically, the fees that are paid for registering an IP right include three elements: official fees, legal fees, and surcharges. In the end, the client receives a single invoice, which contains the sum of all expenses, but does not indicate what funds were spent on what services.

Understanding what exactly is being paid for helps to fairly evaluate the payment for the specified work.

Increasing efficiency with technology

There are platforms that can make the IP protection, logo or TM registration process more efficient. These systems operate over the Internet. Using the platform, an entrepreneur can see the progress of applications. 

They can also be used to develop coordination with patent and TM registration intermediaries.

The procedures for establishing IP protection can be very time consuming. For example, to obtain a patent, an applicant sometimes has to wait a minimum 4 years! Meanwhile, in many European countries, the US and China, certain offices have special programs that can significantly reduce the period from filing an application to granting a patent.

Benefits of proper protection of IP objects:

  • reducing of financial risks;
  • obtaining a competitive advantage;
  • receiving additional profit, including from franchising;
  • growth of positive business reputation, etc.

Selecting intermediaries for IP protection

Paying an IP right registration fee is most often a purely administrative task that can be handled much more efficiently by a person who regularly deals with such matters.

Similarly, a parallel can be drawn with the registration of a trademark in the EU, or logo, or any other IP object - a specialist will solve the issue much faster, and by doing so, will make the process more cost-efficient.

In this case, it is better to rely on providers who offer competitive and fair prices for their services.

IQ Decision UK team  works with clients on a global scale, and our services allow you to find a quick and effective mechanism for the protection of trademarks, designs, computer programs or designs in different countries. Our seasoned professionals are ready to help register IP rights, register a trademark in the UK, challenge IP rights in Europe and the world and provide other legal services for the protection of intellectual property. In case of violation of your rights, our experts will help you not to get confused and develop a competent protection plan. We will prepare an appeal to state authorities in the framework of an administrative procedure to protect your rights, as well as a claim for filing in court. We will also represent your interests in court in a quality manner.

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