Data Protection: EU vs Cayman Islands
Starting from 2018, the GDPR has been applicable to all offshore investment funds where European investors are present. In 2019, the DPL, whose main purpose was to govern the processing of personal information in the...
Privacy Policy (PP)
Having a website/software which collects personal information requires having a PP. This article will be looking into why a PP is important & why it is legally required in most countries. Looking to launch your...
Your Privacy Guard: General Data Protection Regulation
In our century of total digitalization and transfer of huge amounts of data to electronic registers and databases, as well as poor protection against computer attacks, it is not so difficult to commit
The most popular way of doing business worldwide involves setting up a commercial entity known as a company. Referred to as incorporation, this process can differ significantly depending on a country
Top Tips For Creative Business Negotiations
In business negotiations, as in any negotiation in everyday life, creativity and flexibility are essential. After all, the situation does not always turn in the right direction for us. Conducting international negotiations
Private Company M&A: Warranties and the Disclosure Process
A case that has recently taken place in the English High Court emphasizes how important disclosure is as well as the challenges that may occur during a fast-tracked sale process. Background
E. Tong: Resolution of Neighbor Disputes (speech)
Good morning everyone ​and good morning to Professor Lim Lan Yuan and the Executive Committee of International Institute of Mediators of Singapore (iiM). Thank you very much for inviting me to the Inaugural