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In business negotiations, as in any negotiation in everyday life, creativity and flexibility are essential. After all, the situation does not always turn in the right direction for us. Conducting international negotiations with the help of a mediator is the tool that can lead to a successful conclusion of the process.

Mediator services in international transactions play, in this case, one of the key roles. Legislation in most countries contains a limited number of rules and the main emphasis is on self-regulation of mediation by organizations of mediators.

International negotiations are very serious, so the use of a word like "inventive" or “creative” may seem insignificant at best, even superficial or frivolous at worst, and may seem inappropriate. The essence of the inventive approach to negotiation is that the "user" is able to more broadly and quickly see the opportunities that may arise in any particular case, and make the most of them, even if they are not part of the original plan. 

Conducting international negotiations

If you are well prepared and your actions are so accurate that resemble a Swiss watch, unfortunately, this does not guarantee a successful deal. But a creative approach to negotiations can be a great solution.

Consider the dispute and possible ways to resolve it from different points of view. The optimal solution may not be obvious right away.

Be open to different ideas, improvise, try not to focus only on your position, but look around and listen to the opinion and wishes of the other party. If you get stuck - be patient and persistent, and at the end of the tunnel at some point, the light will appear.

Dispute resolution in international negotiations

If it is not possible to come to a mutually beneficial solution, it would be reasonable to use the services of a mediator. The mediation process is conducted by the mediator only in strict compliance with all principles of confidentiality, up to the application of the necessary means and methods of protection against unauthorized receipt of information. 

All information obtained by the mediator during personal meetings with the parties is disclosed to the other party only in the amount and form that have been agreed in advance by the first party. The parties have full control over the information received by the other party to the conflict. 

Agreements reached by the parties with the assistance of mediation are executed in the form of an agreement between the parties, the implementation of which is regulated by law. Therefore, despite any obstacles or exceptions, the main advantage of mediation is the implementation of decisions made by the parties.

Legal services to support international transactions is one of the specializations of IQ Decision UK specialists. If you are looking for advice in international negotiations or mediator services to resolve a commercial dispute, our experts are ready to provide comprehensive assistance.