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Having a website/software which collects personal information requires having a PP. This article will be looking into why a PP is important & why it is legally required in most countries.

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How PP Works

Being an agreement describing a manner in which a company owning a website/software gathers & utilizes personal data, a PP describes which information will be gathered, how it is protected, and whether it can be transferred to 3rd parties.

Since a website owner assumes responsibility for collecting personal information from visitors, a PP is legally required in many countries.

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This is information with which you can identify a person. Examples include an identification code, home address or email address, phone number, etc.

Privacy Laws

As stated above, many countries require owners of websites to prepare a privacy policy. Their ultimate goal is to protect consumers & ensure their privacy.

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The European Union

Being the main document governing the processing of personal information in the EU, GDPR is meant to bring more uniformity to processes related to the gathering of information from individuals. 

Great Britain

Adopted by the British Parliament, the DPA is meant to protect user data, regardless of whether this data gets stored on electronic media or in document storage systems. 

The United States

The US has no specific law which requires commercial entities or individuals to come up with a privacy policy in the US. However, there are laws governing this matter in specific cases, such as COPPA, GLBA & HIPAA.


Passed in the late 1980s,  the Privacy Act imposes regulatory restrictions on the confidentiality of information & requires entrepreneurs with a registered a company in Australia to place privacy policies on their websites.

Planning & Creating a PP

Drafting a PP takes coming up with a detailed plan. It also requires determining exactly what data will be collected by one’s website. 

Let’s see how a PP is usually structured:

  1. General info on the company’s goals & activities
  2. Policy provisions
  3. Gathering personal info
  4. Utilizing personal info
  5. Disclosing info to 3rd parties
  6. Protecting personal info
  7. User rights
  8. Cookies
  9. Notifications of changes
  10. Contacts


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