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Mediation The constant development of various economic relations often provokes the emergence of unexpected and diverse kinds of difficulties and disagreements between individuals and legal entities, engaged in international business discourse. Such difficulties lead to financial disputes. 

Our specialization is the resolution of commercial disputes at different stages. When the use of negotiation is insufficient or ineffective, the parties rely on mediation as an effective method of resolving disagreements. 

The main aim of mediation is to resolve conflicts by means of consultation, coordination and cooperation between сonflict parties. As a result, parties of conflict come to a common agreement. In accordance with the needs of parties mediation can be a quick and effective resolution of disputes. 

To achieve a sustainable relationship between the conflicting parties, our lawyers use mediation. “Mediation” is a structured process that solves complex conflict situations between the parties and resolves such issues by peaceful means using a neutral person called a “mediator”. Mediation is the process of conflict resolution in which 2 or more participants communicate with each other with the help of an independent third party or parties (mediators) to find an acceptable solution for solving business disputes. The role of the mediator is effectively passive.

The mediator helps the conflicting parties to make a decision without experiencing any pressure. The purpose of his activity is to set up a constructive dialogue between the conflicting sides. While agreeing to resolve the conflict by means of the mediation, the sides express their readiness to compromise. 

This does not mean that you are making concessions — this means that you want to achieve the benefits peacefully. The characteristic features of mediation are:

  • confidentiality,
  • informal nature of the process,
  • consideration of the interests of the parties.

There is domestic mediation and international mediation. In some countries the mediation is purely voluntary whilst there are other countries that are moving towards mandatory mediation.  It is important to mention that the knowledge of mediation varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In such countries as England, Wales or the Netherlands alternative dispute resolution such as mediation is widespread. There are differences in the practice of mediation internationally. 

Some countries adhere to the arbitration system, while others apply free business negotiation structures. The settlement of international commercial disputes by mediation is increasingly recognized around the world. International mediation is intended to remove language barriers and misunderstandings that arise between counterparts with different cultures.

Effective conflict management is another aim of international mediation. In order to improve understanding and share experiences of mediation the International Union of Lawyers has established the World Forum of Mediation Centers. This Forum can help exchange knowledge and provide a view of development of the development mediation. Also it helps to compare domestic mediation with international mediation. Dispute resolution by means of mediation is the aim of IQ Decision UK lawyers. 

The mediation process can be an effective way of settling disputes without bringing them to costly judicial proceedings. But do not forget that the effectiveness of mediation depends on the willingness of the parties to make concessions. Our goal is to achieve mutual understanding between the parties. During the mediation process the most common way to resolve disputes is by negotiation. 

IQ Decision UK lawyers will be able to help you in resolving your disputes. Mediation is a flexible procedure and as such, it can always be tailored in accordance with the individual needs of the parties. This is a confidential, bespoke services resolution in a legally binding settlement that is quick and cost effective which is to the benefit of all  parties.