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Greek legislation contains various provisions regarding:

  • participation of the Greek state in arbitration proceedings;
  • investment arbitration;
  • construction arbitration.
  • maritime arbitration;
  • energy arbitration.

Recognizing & enforcing foreign arbitral awards in Greece is mainly governed by the NYC. National rules for recognizing & enforcing foreign arbitral awards are contained in the LICA.

Greece: Dispute Resolution by Arbitration

Greek arbitration legislation contains the following provisions regarding domestic & international arbitration:

  • the equal treatment principle is to be applied;
  • awards are to be issued in writing.

Resolving Disputes Through Arbitration in Greece: Exceptions

Any dispute may be referred to arbitration, providing it complies with the provisions of arbitration legislation. It’s impossible to resolve disputes connected to:

  • IP;
  • antimonopoly legislation;
  • competition;
  • securities.

However, an exception can be made with respect to disputes related to registration of a TM or patent in Greece or claims for compensation. 

Settling a Dispute by Arbitration in Greece: 3rd Parties

Arbitration legislation doesn’t explicitly provide for the involvement of 3rd parties. However, they can initiate arbitration in Greece, if parties & the court agree to that. Such consent isn’t required if 3rd parties are signatories to an arbitration agreement.

Dispute Resolution By Way of Arbitration in Greece: Arbitrators

There’s no arbitrator-related restrictions. Acting or retired adjudicators can act as arbitrators; however, the latter can only be appointed on the basis of the rotation system & are subject to fee restrictions. 

Arbitrators appointed by the state can only be members of the Legal Council.

Depending on the specifics of a dispute, parties can limit the choice of arbitrators in their arbitration agreement. Citizenship restrictions are generally associated with the choice of the chairman in international arbitration.

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