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Establishing a business in Europe is an opportunity to enter the EU markets and find new partners. Among a wide range of jurisdictions, we recommend paying attention to Luxembourg, where property rights are well protected and contracts are secure.

The freedom to start, operate, and close a business is generally not infringed upon by the state authorities. Experienced IQ Decision specialists will help you figure out how a company is registered in Luxembourg, and will provide assistance in this matter.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the richest jurisdictions in the European region. Economic growth is driven by exports of financial services.

A founding member of the European Union, Luxembourg continues to promote European integration. Neighboring states: Belgium, France, Germany. 

Organizational and legal forms of doing business

If you have made the decision to register a company in Luxembourg, then you first of all need to choose a legal form for your business.

Investors planning to set up a company in Luxembourg should be aware that the most common types of companies are:

  •  A.R.L. (analogue of LLC).
    • Minimum share capital: EUR 12.5 thousand.
    • Maximum number of S.A.R.L founders: 40. No residency requirements.
  • A. (analogue of JSC).
    • Minimum share capital: EUR 30 thousand. (down payment of 25%).
    • Issue of various types of shares is allowed.
    • Director: minimum 1. No residency requirements.
    • Founders: at least 2.

For each company type you will need to:

  • Prepare a package of standard documents for submission and certify them with a notary.
  • Choose a unique name for your future company.
  • Submit a business plan.
  • Open an account for a company in Luxembourg and deposit the share capital into it.
  • Obtain a tax number and enter the data into the Trade Register.

Taxation in Luxembourg

  • Income up to 30 thousand EUR. taxed at 15%.
  • Income over this amount is taxed at 18%.


  • Maintenance and submission of financial statements: mandatory.
  • Annual audit: required.

The term of company registration is relatively short - with competent professional support, you can register a company in Luxembourg within one month. Experienced experts of our company will provide you with consulting and accompanying services at every stage of business registration.