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It is well known that in order to conduct business abroad, an entrepreneur should, first of all, register a company, open a bank account, obtain a permit for activity.

Company registration is the most crucial step, as it involves at least the following steps:

  • careful selection of the jurisdiction in which the future company will be founded;
  • choice of organizational and legal form;
  • tax planning; 
  • personnel search;
  • office rent;
  • other related nuances.

The state in which you will register your business should be located in such a way that it is strategically beneficial for your type of activity. Perhaps you are looking for access to Asian markets, and in this case, the registration of a company in Hong Kong or company registration in Singapore will be attractive to you and your partners. 

If you are focused on doing business in Europe, then registering a company in Britain, registering a company in the Czech Republic or registering a company in Switzerland will be excellent solutions for a startup.

Organizational and legal form

In each of the jurisdictions, there are a number of organizational and legal forms in which foreign entrepreneurs can register a business. Most often these are analogs of JSC or LLC, but there are other options.

If you want to register an English LTD or Scottish LP, you will need to understand the advantages and features of each type of business.

Tax planning

Optimizing taxation is another important step. Depending on the country, the type of company, the laws and agreements in force, tax rates can be minimized, which will significantly affect the income of your business.

Personnel search, office rent, preparing documentation

The accompanying conditions also take a long time. To save this valuable resource, you can order the service "turnkey company registration" or "remote company registration" from experienced specialists of our company.

If you decide to register a company in Europe or Asia, then it is advisable to use the accompanying services of our professionals who will help you organize the registration process as efficiently as possible.