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Being an out-of-court method of resolving disputes, mediation provides a viable & highly efficient alternative to traditional litigation. Given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, companies & individuals worldwide are increasingly resorting to peaceful settlement of disputes through mediation over the Internet. As a result, the ADR landscape is undergoing major changes due to mediating disputes online.

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Mediation Online: Using Zoom

Virtual mediation is a process which requires no physical presence of parties for resolving disputes online. Meetings are held via video or teleconferencing, and submitting documents is done through encrypted cloud platforms accessible via the Internet.

Specializing in providing remote conferencing services, Zoom was originally meant to make remote holding of legal proceedings easier. It’s a highly secure platform, so mediators may require participants to enter a password to access the hearing. Once they’ve joined a mediation session, mediators can “lock” it so that no other participants can join it.

How Does It Work?

Dispute resolution through mediation is very similar to “actual” mediation. Parties can choose to participate in joint meetings during which they can make their opening statements. After that, mediators invite the participants to a discussion room. When it comes to complex commercial disputes, parties can submit additional evidence or important documents in support of their case.

It is very important for mediators to ensure that parties feel confident enough to take part in the mediation session. They should also create an atmosphere which is conducive to solving problems.

Just like conventional mediation, mediation online implies short & long periods for resolving commercial disputes. Also, in certain instances, mediation online helps reduce tension & makes it possible for parties to settle their differences faster.

Drafting a Mediation Agreement

Once they’ve reached a deal, parties can start preparing a draft agreement & exchange their signatures via Docusign or similar pieces of software. In the future, this option will probably replace mediation as we know it.


Resorting to virtual mediation for resolving international conflicts can be incredibly effective. It will help mitigate some of the business consequences of the pandemic & help parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement remotely.

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