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In this blog post, we will briefly explain how disputes in Cyprus are resolved. If you intend to start litigation in Cyprus, first you should be aware of is that the domestic law of Cyprus is subordinate to the European Union law. 

The leading role of the judge

There are no jury trials in Cyprus. Judicial practice in this country is adversarial. All civil cases are heard by only one judge. Important conditions for the adversarial process in Cyprus are the good faith of the parties and the high ethical standards of conduct not only of judges but also of other participants in the proceedings, especially lawyers who enjoy high public trust.

Judges are appointed by the Supreme Council of Magistracy, and judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by the President of Cyprus.

Hearings in a Cypriot court 

Litigation in Cyprus starts with preparing a writ of execution, which must then be served on the defendant. Provided that the defendant is in the territory of Cyprus, he must appear within ten days of being served with the summons to summon the accused to court.

During the proceedings, both parties can submit various interim statements.

The problem of notifying the parties

It is noteworthy that the Cypriot courts sometimes show a lack of efficiency in their performance due to the limited use of modern technology.

It often happens that the courts consider claims in the absence of one or even both participants to the dispute, and in the decisions, they write that the parties were duly notified, but for some reason, they did not come to the hearing. At the same time, the courts completely absolve themselves of responsibility. Needless to say, the absence of one of the parties in court really facilitates the process, saves time, but is an illegal way to facilitate the work of judicial officials. The improper notification does not allow the parties to the dispute to exercise their legal right to provide evidence.

Process control

If you intend to start a trial in Cyprus, witnesses are called to court to examine or present certain evidence.

The procedure and schedule of consideration of the claim are entirely within the competence of the court. All evidence is presented to the court in the course of the hearing. 


Appeals are always considered by a panel of three judges.

Legal assistance

Without professional help, it is incredibly difficult to understand the litigation process in Cyprus. This is a multi-stage procedure that requires the preparation of many documents, careful study of the legal framework. Coping with this amount of work on your own is not an easy task. It can take weeks or months to prepare documents and familiarize yourself with the laws.

Our company provides comprehensive legal assistance performing the following tasks:

  • Detailed consultations of clients on all legal questions;
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  • Collection and preparation of documents;
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