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This blog post is dedicated to the pre-trial dispute resolution process in Singapore. The peaceful settlement of a dispute in Singapore is widely used, with mediation being the most popular form.

Dispute resolution through mediation in Singapore is often handled by the High Court. There are many cases where certain judges who have experience in these specialized areas of law are assigned to hear cases in their respective areas.

Types of peaceful dispute resolution methods applicable in Singapore:

  • arbitration;
  • mediation;
  • negotiations;
  • neutral judgment (when a neutral third party reviews the case and makes a preliminary assessment of the merits of the case).

If you are planning to peacefully resolve a business dispute in Singapore, then you are free to choose the most appropriate method for your particular case.

Dispute resolution by arbitration in Singapore

Domestic arbitration proceedings are governed by the local Arbitration Law. However, the party always has a choice. At the request of a party, the provisions of the UNCITRAL Model Law may be applied.

If you are faced with the need to settle an international dispute in Singapore, then such a procedure will take place in accordance with the International Arbitration Law.

Settlement of commercial disputes in Singapore: selecting an arbitrator

In the absence of agreement between the participants, one arbitrator shall be appointed. If the parties cannot agree on a candidate, the arbitrator is appointed by the President of the Arbitration Court.

For your info

The world renowned Singapore International Mediation Center (SIMC) provides world-class services aimed at resolving international commercial disputes through mediation in Singapore.

The Center widely practices the Arb-Med-Arb innovation process. However, if, nevertheless, mediation is not enough to effectively resolve the dispute with the help of mediation in Singapore, then the parties to the conflict can continue the arbitration proceedings in this jurisdiction.

Choose the best

In arbitration proceedings conducted by the Arbitration Court of the Singapore International Arbitration Center, the parties are free to choose arbitrators of their choice, whether or not they are part of the arbitration panel of the Center. However, if you choose, it is better to give preference to arbitrators from the Center's database, since this database includes selected highly qualified arbitrators from more than 40 jurisdictions. If your dispute concerns Intellectual Property rights, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with candidates from the Center's database who have special qualifications in IP disputes.

Enforcement of arbitral awards in Singapore

Singapore is attractive because it allows the parties to enforce an award relatively quickly and with great success. A party to the conflict simply needs to prepare an application for authorization to enforce the arbitral award in Singapore and submit it to the court.

Legal assistance

If you do not know how to start arbitration proceedings in Singapore, do not hesitate to contact the experienced law experts of IQ Decision UK. For more detailed information, you can sign up for a consultation on the resolution of an international dispute in Singapore.