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Trademark registration in Europe is attractive due to the stable economic situation in European countries and a high level of intellectual property protection. The specialists of our company suggest considering the option of registering a TM in Croatia. The number of applications for brand registration in this country is growing every year.

Who can register a trademark in Croatia

It’s common knowledge that branding creates demand and willingness to pay, which allows firms to receive income from investment in technology and design. In this way, branding is an important element of a dynamic innovation ecosystem.

So, you have invested a lot of effort and money in developing your brand identity and marketing strategy. But this is not enough. It is very important to take care of its protection from imitation and illegal use by registering it.

Anyone can register a brand in Croatia. Foreign legal entities and individuals enjoy the same rights as persons who have a residence or business in Croatia.

Foreign registration of trademarks in Croatia is only recognized to a certain extent. The point is that this jurisdiction has particularly stringent requirements for qualification as a recognized mark under the Paris Convention.

Brand values are not only the functionality and quality of the product, but, first of all, its intangible side - the accompanying positive characteristics that distinguish your trademark from other essentially similar products. People do not just want high-quality and functional products, they choose brands that will bring them additional benefits. Therefore, it is the brand values that often become a powerful motivator or decisive factor when choosing a product or service.

That is why, even if your mark is not registered in Croatia, you have the right to file an objection against other TM registration in Croatia if your TM is recognized and popular in the EU and beyond. In doing so, you can refer to the provisions of the Paris Convention.

You can also choose to invalidate other TM applications, and you have the right to do so. If the earlier mark is recognizable in the territory of Croatia and if the use of the later mark without good reason would cause damage to it, then the later TM has no chance to be registered in this jurisdiction. This rule remains in effect even if an application has been made for goods/services from another class than those for which an earlier TM was registered.

If you need more information or plan to register a trademark in Croatia do not hesitate to contact the experienced specialists of IQ Decision UK. Our team will also offer you a wide range of services in the field of the European intellectual property law. If you are faced with the need to protect TM rights in the EU, our experts with extensive experience in this area are ready to help.