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Registration of a trademark provides legal protection for a brand, which is especially important when entering new markets.

If you intend to start a business in the EU, it is worthwhile to study the requirements of the participating countries in relation to the enforcement of IP rights in advance. This material describes the key aspects of trademark regulation in Croatia.

Why you definitely need registration

Both individuals and companies can register a Croatian trademark which consists of any signs perceived by a person, including sounds. Registration of TM in Croatia allows at least to require from “unauthorized local dealers” to stop illegal use of TM on products, signs, advertisements, domain names and website content.

The main condition is the presence of a clear distinctive feature that helps consumers to distinguish products of one brand from another brand. Competent authorities and the public need to be able to determine the exact and clear object of protection.

The prospects for protecting your IP rights, given the presence of TM registration, in Croatia look quite optimistic.

Advice for companies entering the Croatia market

  1.  Register trademarks for your company or for yourself as the founder of the company; 
  2.  When working abroad through intermediaries, clearly prohibit your agent to register TM in his name; 
  3.  Periodically monitor applications for TM to detect fraudulent registrations. It will never be a waste of time and money, as it is cheaper and easier to deal with violators at the stage of application than after they have registered your TM for themselves.

If you intend to start a business in Croatia, please note that registration of a trademark is not compulsory at the time of putting goods or services into circulation.

Application for registration of TM in Croatia

Electronic trademark filing is widespread in Croatia and it will take you up to nine months on average to finalize the registration.

The list of goods and services presented in the application must correspond to classes 1–45 on the International Classification.

The registration of a Croatian trademark officially takes effect after it’s been officially published. You can renew your registration after 10 years an unlimited number of times.

Assistance in trademark registration in the EU

Croatia is committed to ensuring that high standards of IP protection are respected. The country is making efforts to ensure that foreign investors really believe that their key intangible assets will be safe, will not become susceptible and vulnerable to attacks from unscrupulous competitors, and that the restoration of violated IP rights, if violations cannot be prevented, will be quick and effective.

If you intend to register a trademark in Croatia, please contact our competent specialists for advice on the regulation of TM in the European Union. You can also order the necessary accompanying services by filling out a special form for quick communication, which is presented below.