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In today's world, brand protection on the Internet has undergone significant changes and reached a new level. The improper use by third parties of trademarks, patents and designs in various areas of the internet, such as open web, market place, blogs and forums, or mobile applications has become a growing trend.

This is due to the fact that fraudsters are becoming increasingly adept at illegally using registered brands for selfish purposes.The scale and complexity of the problem has grown enormously over the past few years due to globalization, the growing e-commerce, and the sophistication of search engines. 

Original brands are battling abuse in many ways, and protecting their brand online is a concern for many entrepreneurs. Abuses, from counterfeiting to infringing on brand rights and using someone else's domain, can cause serious damage to a business. Therefore, many have come to understand that it is no longer possible to rely solely on ordinary methods when protecting a brand on the Internet.

Counterfeiting and infringement of brand rights

Brand protection on the Internet is becoming an increasingly important task, and brand owners must adapt to the changes faster, otherwise losses are inevitable.

No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on a high-quality handmade item that the buyer expected to buy, but in fact it turned out that this product was manufactured in a factory using cheap materials. 

Marketplaces need to follow an infringement policy against reports when the appropriate owner of the brand complains about other sellers misusing their brand name. 

Domain name protection

There is deception of consumers because they buy a completely different product from what they had expected, which is quite real if the domain name was stolen from the brand.

How to protect a domain name? This question should be asked by every business owner. Practices such as blocking primary domains at the registry level, using two-factor authentication to access domains, and imposing IP access restrictions should be a priority for every decent company.

Beware of partners

The rights to use the brand by partners must be clearly stated.

Partners - including affiliates, franchisees, and dealers - may misuse trademarks, logos and branding in their advertising posts or websites.

Improper use of a brand, intentional or not, can cost legitimate sales, undermine consumer confidence in the brand, confuse customers, and increase marketing costs.

It is important to advise partners, distributors and contractors on what they can and cannot do about domain names and social media accounts. Third-party partners should be warned about using the brand in their domain names or social networks. 


Intellectual property protection today must be extended to web activities, which indicate a clear growth trend in terms of both presence and importance for consumers at a global stage.

The fact remains that online brand protection is a constant challenge for organizations. Crucially, that businesses consider this issue thoroughly to protect their customers, their reputation and, ultimately, their profits.

Our specialists provide advice on the protection of intellectual property rights in Europe and beyond. Also, if you decide to register a brand in the EU or another jurisdiction outside it, our seasoned professionals are at your service.