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The country offers favourable conditions, support incentives, and competitive advantages that make company registration an advisable entry mode into this promising market. 

  1. Proximity to major markets. Armenia provides convenient access to the EU, CIS, Middle Eastern and Asian markets.  
  2. Straightforward registration process. The business registration process is efficient and fast, enabled by business-friendly regulations. Registration can be completed with minimal costs.
  3. 100% foreign ownership permitted. Unlike many jurisdictions, Armenia allows full 100% foreign ownership of local companies with no local partner requirements. This grants foreign investors full control and ownership of their Armenia-based business.
  4. Government support for priority sectors. The government prioritises and provides special incentives to IT, pharmaceuticals, high-tech manufacturing and tourism companies. Armenia has developed into a significant hub for software engineering and IT talent over the past decade.
  5. Competitive tax rates. Low tax rates and special low-tax regimes apply to micro enterprises, IT startups, and free economic zone companies, adding to Armenia's investment appeal.
  6. Confidentiality assured. Armenia currently does not participate in global tax information exchange agreements, offering confidentiality for sensitive investors. Appropriate corporate structuring can further protect investor privacy.
  7. Skilled and affordable talent pool. Armenia offers an excellent pool of highly educated, multilingual technology and engineering talent at competitive salary levels. This helps keep operating expenses low.
  8. Extensive double tax treaty network. Armenia holds 46 double tax treaties, allowing foreign investors and Armenian companies significant tax planning flexibility and avoidance of international double taxation issues.
  9. Preferential trade access. Armenia benefits from the EU's Generalised Scheme of Preferences and other free trade agreements, allowing its companies easy access to major partner markets with reduced tariffs.

Armenia presents a compelling case as a potential investment destination. Its strategic location, business-friendly climate, competent talent pool and fiscal incentives combine to make company establishment both viable and profitable for international investors.

Available corporate structures for business registration in Armenia

Armenia offers foreign investors a range of corporate structures to establish a local business presence. Choosing the appropriate company form depends on liability, ownership, management, and compliance considerations. The main options are outlined below.

Sole proprietorship

In Armenia, a sole proprietorship registered with the tax authorities provides a simple structure with no corporate formalities, but founders have unlimited personal liability for the firm's debts. This suits low-risk small enterprises and startups. 

Limited liability company (LLC) 

The LLC is the most popular corporate form in Armenia. LLCs require only 1 shareholder of any nationality and a nominal €1 paid-up capital. Shareholder liability is limited to capital contributions. LLCs must file annual financial statements. This structure suits most small and mid-sized ventures.

Joint stock company (JSC)

The JSC in Armenia enables more complex shareholding with tradeable shares. Min. share capital remains low at €1. JSCs must have annual shareholder meetings and financial statement audits. This suits larger enterprises seeking investment capital or public listing. 

Non-corporate forms of doing business

Beyond basic forms, contractual joint ventures, trusts, franchising and delegation of authority agreements allow tailored non-corporate cooperation between investing partners under Armenian law.

Armenia provides a flexible range of both corporate and non-corporate structures to accommodate most foreign investment business requirements and strategic objectives. Investors can easily establish an Armenian presence fitting their commercial needs and growth ambitions.

Company registration options for foreign investors in Armenia

When looking to establish a business presence in Armenia, foreign investors can choose between three main registration options: a subsidiary, branch office or representative office. Key differences relate to legal form, liability, taxation and permitted activities.

Entity type


Legal entity


Commercial activities



A separate Armenian legal entity (LLC or JSC) with full or partial ownership by a foreign parent. Subject to local laws and regulations.


Separate from parent company

Yes, in own name

Subject to local taxation

Branch office

An extension of the foreign parent company, not a separate Armenian legal entity. Liability borne by the foreign head office. Authorized to conduct commercial activities in Armenia.


Borne by parent company

Yes, as a parent company's rep

Subject to local taxation

Representative office

A foreign presence used for non-commercial functions like market research and client liaison. Not a separate Armenian legal entity.


Borne by parent company


No tax liability

In summary, subsidiaries, branches and representative offices offer foreign investors structured options to establish and operate Armenian interests aligned with their commercial objectives and level of desired legal, tax and operational integration.

Company registration procedure and documents required


Company registration procedure

  1. Select corporate form based on business factors like liability, ownership, and regulation. Professional advice is recommended for this decision.  
  2. Company name approval. Three name options can be proposed. A database search ensures the desired names are available and do not conflict with trademarks. Certain name words require added permissions and fees.
  3. Register local legal address. The company must provide a valid Armenian address. Virtual office services can fulfil this requirement. 
  4. Prepare incorporation documents. The company’s articles of incorporation, charter, and foundation agreement must be drafted and executed. Documents must be translated and certified.
  5. Setting up a bank account. The paid-up capital representing shareholders’ investments must be deposited in an Armenian bank account. 
  6. Submission of documents for tax registration and social security purposes.
  7. Obtain tax and licences. Finally, tax and social security registration must be completed alongside any special business activity permits.

By methodically completing these key steps guided by local counsel, foreign investors can efficiently establish a legally compliant Armenian firm fully authorised to initiate operations.


Tax incentives and rates for companies in Armenia  

Armenia offers a competitive tax environment for foreign investors along with incentives for priority business sectors. Favourable tax regimes are available provided specific registration steps are completed within prescribed time limits. Key tax rates and reliefs are highlighted below.

Small enterprises and technology startups can benefit from tax discounts and holidays in Armenia, but eligibility requires application within 20–90 days of incorporation. Investors should consider the compliance obligations before the registration deadline to claim available concessions.

  • The baseline corporate income tax rate is 20% in Armenia, applicable to both local firms and foreign branches/subsidiaries.  
  • VAT is charged at 20% on taxable transactions. Dividend income received by Armenian corporations from foreign affiliates is taxable at 20%, often reduced under double tax treaties. 
Armenia offers a straightforward tax system for corporations along with attractive incentives for priority sectors like IT and manufacturing. By structuring investments appropriately from company formation, foreign investors can optimise tax liabilities in Armenia.

Bank account opening for companies in Armenia

Armenia offers a well-regulated banking sector for companies to establish local currency or multi-currency business accounts. While resident firms can open accounts with basic documentation, non-resident entities undergo further due diligence.

Armenia has 17 licensed banks offering essential business services including online/mobile banking. Deposits carry full local insurance protection. Major global currencies are supported. This presents a stable and advanced environment for corporate banking.

Account opening requirements

Armenian registered companies need their registration certificate, corporate documents, tax ID, shareholder/director identity documents and beneficial ownership list to open local bank accounts.  

Non-resident requirements  

Non-resident companies undergoing client due diligence by Armenian banks for account opening must provide extensive corporate documentation alongside standard items. 

  • Audited financial statements for up to three previous years, aid solvency and business profile assessments.  
  • Documents validating the foreign entity's ownership structure assist in verifying beneficial control and related parties.
  • AML, data protection, information security and conflict of interest policies evidence risk management frameworks.

All documents submitted must carry apostilles or notarized certifications. In-person document submission by directors may be needed in some banks. Powers of attorney facilitate authorized third-party applications. With full document suites, opening corporate accounts commonly requires around two weeks from development bank processing, depending on internal procedures.  

Armenia makes opening onshore multi-currency corporate accounts straightforward for foreign investors. Robust due diligence procedures assure local banks of regulatory compliance and mitigate money laundering risks. With complete documentation, overseas investors can readily access essential Armenian banking services.

Expert assistance for Armenia company registration

Armenia presents an appealing European gateway, offering foreign investors political stability and steady economic expansion. The country provides a supportive environment to efficiently establish and competitively operate companies across priority sectors like technology, manufacturing and services.

We have the practical expertise in a smooth company registration and launch process in Armenia. IQ Decision UK's specialists offer end-to-end guidance and support to overseas investors on all legal, administrative and banking aspects. We welcome inquiries regarding incorporations, corporate structuring, licensing, tax registrations, bank account openings and associated requirements. 

Our advisors have in-depth, current knowledge of Armenia's business climate, laws, and procedures. We take pride in being a reliable partner for international clients. Please reach out to initiate a consultation on your Armenia market entry or investment objectives. Our consultants deliver valuable insights, efficiency gains and risk mitigation at every incorporation stage.