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This article describes the main provisions of fintech regulation in the Czech Republic, which will be useful for businessmen interested in registering a fintech company in the Czech Republic and other European countries.

Fintech is the largest investment category in Europe, accounting for 20% of all global investments. In the first half of 2019, investments in European fintech amounted to more than $ 13 billion. Europe is gradually becoming the main driving force in the world of financial technology.

Regulation of Fintech companies in the Czech Republic

Those who want to register a company in the Czech Republic should keep in mind that the provision of investment services and banking requires a license for financial activities in the EU.

At the same time, institutions dealing with payment services or electronic money are regulated by the Law on Payment System, which implements two EU directives - On Payment Services and On Electronic Money.


The main regulatory body for regulating financial and banking services is the Czech National Bank.

Activities that do not require a financial license in the Czech Republic:

  • general financial advice;
  • advising on capital structure issues.

Recently, Robo Advisor Platforms have become increasingly popular. It is a type of automated investment service that manages a client's stocks and bonds. The robot consultant offers the same services as the human manager, but at a lower cost, and can work with the client 24/7, regardless of the time zone. In addition, it is free from making emotional decisions.

Alternative finance sectors overview:

  • Investment funds

    All collective investment schemes must comply with the Law on Management Companies and Investment Funds. It is in this Law that the EU Directives on the organization of collective investment in transferable securities, as well as on the management of alternative investment funds are implemented in full scope.

  • Crowdfunding

    At present, crowdfunding in the Czech Republic is not specifically regulated, provided that it does not involve attracting deposits or offering investment instruments.

  • Open banking

    The EU Directive also introduced an obligation to provide a connection to customer accounts to third-party payment system providers, but only with the consent of the client. Otherwise, financial institutions do not have to provide customer or product data to third parties, except for the provision of data on money laundering, tax evasion, and other offenses.


European fintech innovation is already having a huge impact on the way banks and financial institutions around the world work. The fintech sector has become more flexible, fast, and high-quality, and innovative companies have well adapted to the needs of the market. Fintech in the Czech Republic is an integral part of the advanced European system and will continue to develop creating a new financial ecosystem around the world.

Individual advice on the regulation of fintech companies in the Czech Republic and other EU countries from highly qualified IQ Decision UK specialists will help to understand in more detail the intricacies of European fintech legislation. Do not hesitate to contact our legal professionals by filling out a special form in the "Contacts" section.