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There are many ways to settle a business dispute in Cyprus. For example, the assistance of a mediator in Cyprus includes providing a secure environment for negotiations between the parties. While needs can be universal, perception is highly dependent on culture, history, legal and financial systems, and social norms. This is why dispute resolution in Cyprus is evolving at a rapid pace.

New generation to resolve international commercial disputes in Cyprus

Mediation in Cyprus was legally established several years ago under a European Union directive. Arbitration in Cyprus has been around for a long time.

If you are planning to register a company in Cyprus, then you probably already know that the international business environment is quite favorable in this jurisdiction. Indeed, on the island, the resolution of international commercial disputes can flourish due to its very convenient geographical location.

Investing in the next generation of law professionals is a good strategy to accelerate this process. If a country understands how to connect with and motivate young lawyers, then it is well on the way to making a good return on that investment. Cyprus has many universities that attract local and international students who are looking for innovative methods to resolve disputes and increase productivity.

ADR in Cyprus

International lawyers of IQ Decision UK regularly study new effective methods of supporting international negotiations of the parties and try different instruments may apply depending on the industry in which a dispute is to be resolved.

Our law experts study the cultural factors of the jurisdiction in which an international dispute needs to be resolved. Mediation in Cyprus, arbitration and negotiation support of the parties are services that we can provide at the highest level.

Our law professionals are regularly trained in international dispute resolution to help resolve conflicts in the most effective way. 

In particular, internships are underway on the Weinstein JAMS International Scholarship Program which helps students gain experience in:

  1. Private civil and commercial mediation in the US from the perspective of an intermediary, lawyer, user, and service provider;
  2. Resolution of international conflicts through IGO or NGO;
  3. Courts dispute resolution programs;
  4. Innovative mediation techniques.

To improve our skills in mediating international disputes, we are constantly exploring new methods of mediation. If your business is facing a conflict, please contact us to find out what alternative dispute resolution methods can be used in your situation.

This material is for general informational purposes only. If you need to resolve an international business conflict, it is worth ordering individual legal advice on international dispute resolution from our seasoned professionals.