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The transparency of the modern world gives you the opportunity to put your ideas into practice nearly anywhere in the world. But behind the seeming simplicity, there are also some difficulties with translating into reality your intentions that include confusing peculiarities of various legal regulations, cultural traditions, language barriers, and so on. Our team of highly qualified lawyers is business savvy and well-versed in international law.

IQ Decision UK specialists are always on top of the current trends. We know a lot about the banking sector of the economy and how the global financial system works. We will help you to select the proper jurisdiction and register a company in the country of your choice. Our services include:

  • Assistance with jurisdiction selection;
  • Substantive support with selection of the optimal legal structure for your business;
  • Company formation and establishment services;
  • Certified translation services and International apostille services;
  • Legal support with banking and financial issues;
  • Legal aid with amendments to constituent/founding documents: change of directors, change of management structure; change of the principal economic activity of the company; legal assistance with making changes in share capital; shareholder arrangements, etc.;
  • Dissolving, winding up and terminating legal entities: company termination by the owners; insolvent liquidation; company structural reorganization;
  • Assistance with the acquisition of ready-made companies;
  • Assistance with opening a corporate bank account (see “Jurisdictions”), as well as co-branded bank cards not linked to any specific bank, anonymous bank card, indirect tax issues;
  • Organization of work with payment systems;
  • Tax planning;
  • Assistance with licensing procedures;
  • Legal support of investment activities;
  • Development of legal and institutional structure for companies, investment funds (alternative and private), brokerage firms, holding companies;
  • Legal assistance with contractual arrangements;
  • Representation before state authorities;
  • International dispute resolution;
  • Real estate transactions;
  • Airfreight and shipping legal advisory services;
  • Estate issues in common law countries;
  • Foreign direct investments;
  • Other services

We provide a wide range of professional advisory services on the specific matters at issue. For more information, please contact our specialists.