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If you intend to launch a gaming startup in India, you should pay particular attention to building customer loyalty & searching for new gaming portals. Launching an online gaming startup in India also requires you to take into account 4 key factors:

  1. New Concepts
    Before starting an online gaming business in India, developers should analyze current trends & focus on expanding the range of services offered. If they wish to attract a large customer base, they should also be on the lookout for new concepts.
  2. Longer Engagement
    As practice shows, multi-level games are more popular and, accordingly, more profitable.
  3. Virtual Assets
    If you’re planning to register an online gaming company in India, you should pay special attention to graphics, design & interactive widgets. These three components are key to grabbing the players’ attention.
  4. In-App Purchases
    In-app purchases are important because they increase game developers’ revenue.

India: Regulation of Online Gaming 

Gambling isn’t allowed in the Republic of India; however, games whose outcome is pivotal on players’ skills (aka games of skill) are permitted. Losing or winning in games of skill depends on:

  • expertise;
  • training;
  • concentration;
  • proficiency;
  • agility; 
  • skills prevailing over chance.

Please note that games that require players to display their skills are permitted (with the exception of three states).

India: Obtaining an Online Gaming License

Generally, games of skill are permitted in almost all of India; however, their legal status is conditional on compliance with online gaming regulations in certain states. According to it, legal accreditation of games in the Republic of India requires their developers to make sure that emerging as a winner in them is conditional on a player’s effort & skills. Please note that you can get an online game license in the Republic of India if it falls into one of these categories: fantasy games, chess, online sports,  sudoku, online racing & quizzes.

Considering getting an online gaming license in the Republic of India? Need advice on gambling regulation in the Republic of India? Please consider contacting IQ Decision UK.