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Paradoxically, the COVID-19 pandemic has given a powerful boost to e-trade worldwide, generating demand for products & services that few people could imagine several months ago.

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The latest statistical data suggest a 30 percent rise in cross-border e-trade, while offline sales have seen a decrease of six percent and more. According to the same statistics, despite a significant decrease in the number of transcontinental flights, the 1st quarter of 2020 has seen a dramatic rise in cross-border parcel delivery, reaching 300 plus million pcs. All in all, this accounts for a nine percent rise YOY. Cross border e-trade is projected to be continuing to rise irrespective of the COVID 19 pandemic.

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Tighter Inspections, Fewer Confiscations

According to the recent report released by China Customs, over 8 thousand shipments containing 1,5 mln pcs were seized in the 1st quarter of 2020. In comparison, only 6 thousand shipments containing twenty three mln pcs were seized in the 1st quarter of 2019.

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The above numbers indicate a substantial rise in the number of shipments seized in the 1st quarter of 2020, though the overall quantity of seized shipments was significantly lower than in 2019. That was made possible due to the deployment of a substantially larger number of personnel & resources at major transportation channels. This, in turn, has led to more seizures being made & fewer items confiscated. 

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The Blue Network Campaign

The above numbers show that the campaign initiated by Chinese Customs is bringing tangible benefits to IP holders. Launched in early 2020, it was meant to combat violations occurring at cross-border e-trade channels of transportation. Since its launch, the customs personnel have been ordered to pay more attention to foodstuffs, medications, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, clothes, shoes, bags, electronic equipments, & hygiene products.

Apart from tightened inspection, Chinese Customs is also aiming to do away with violations of international e-trade through tighter collaboration with e-trade platforms & law enforcement units.

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To retrieve data regarding particular sellers, Chinese Customs is now using the so-called “big data” scheme. Thanks to it, Chinese Customs has succeeded in building a much stronger case for itself.

Let’s take a look at several useful tips that holders of IP rights can use to derive benefits from the campaign initiated by Chinese Customs:

  • Make sure you have collected enough information platforms committing infringements of international e-trade
  • Provide gathered information to customs personnel at ports through which goods get shipped out
  • Get in touch with senior personnel to have an idea of what kind of support they need

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