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Apart from paying attention to the general provisions of Fintech regulation in the Caymans, individuals & companies seeking to register a fintech company in the Caymans should also be able to effectively protect their data & resolve IPR-related issues. 

So, let’s take a closer look at these two aspects & see how effective IPR protection in the Caymans can be

Cayman Islands: IP Regulation 

Having the official status of British Overseas Territories, the Caymans provide the same, and in some respects, even better IPR protection as Great Britain. 

To further strengthen protection of IP rights of Fintech companies in the Caymans, the local government has passed the DP Act. Aimed at regulating & safeguarding personal data, the DPA primarily applies to legal entities & individuals; it also ensures that the control & processing of personal data is done in accordance with internationally recognized data protection principles.

Since 2015, the local government has been actively introducing legislative measures aimed at improving protection of developers & owners of IP in the Cayman Islands. Recently updated Fintech legislation will also help fintech companies & startups to strengthen their position in the market & improve confidentiality of their sensitive data.

Being a division of the General Registration Office, the IP Office handles TM registration in  the Caymans, as well as oversees recognition & enforcement of patents, copyrights & design rights. Thanks to its efforts, the number of TM-related infringements has been substantially reduced lately. 

For more information on the DP Act or a consultation on IP regulation in the Cayman Islands, please consider contacting IQ Decision UK. Our experts will also be happy to give you a hand with registering a company in the Caymans or resolving a TM dispute in the Cayman Islands.