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Preventing unauthorised use of an animated character & its appearance requires its author to apply for copyright protection in Europe & other jurisdictions. They should also keep in mind that such protection is granted to them automatically after a character is created. If you’re an author interested in ensuring IP protection for animated characters in the EU or UK, you’re highly recommended to remember that before creating & using your character for commercial purposes.

Copyright Protection: US & Europe

Normally ,copyright protection in Europe is granted for seventy years & can be prolonged indefinitely until a copyright right owner passes away. Ensuring copyright protection requires proving that 3rd parties have used all or a significant portion of a copyrighted artwork without obtaining its creator’s permission. 

In practical terms, getting copyright protection in Europe & determining whether a “significant portion” of an artwork has been used requires carrying out a thorough comparison of the original & infringing character.

As mentioned before, in most countries, including Great Britain & Europe, copyright protection is granted automatically after a work is created; hence, it requires no registration with the official registry.

However, in some jurisdictions, it’s possible to register any copyright with a proper copyright register. For example, in the US, copyright protection is registered with the US Copyright Office. By registering a copyright in the US, copyright owners can also get additional protection (e.g. penalties & fines) & enforce their rights more effectively.

Europe: TM Registration

Sometimes, protecting an animated character’s name & image may require its creator to register a TM in Europe. By getting TM protection for an animated character in the EU or Great Britain, its creator can count on indefinite protection until a respective TM is used.

EU: IP Protection

Those looking to protect animated characters in Europe must take care of it at an early stage, and more specifically, before a character is used for the first time publicly. If they fail to do that, they may not obtain effective protection & face costly litigation. Getting IP protection for an animated character in Europe requires its creators to ensure its absolute novelty & distinctiveness. 

Also, those planning to create an animated character should think in advance about the enforcement of IP rights in Europe & how their artworks will be used & sold after they get IP protection for an animated character in Europe.

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