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Copyright societies in India administer copyrighted works by licensing, collecting royalties & transferring them to their respective owners/authors. Until now, they encountered a lot of difficulties doing the same abroad. However, their job has been made a lot easier after WIPO has updated its data protection regulations recently. According to them, CMOs in 3rd world countries, including India, will now be able to retrieve royalties on international markets

Also, WIPO has announced the signing of a new agreement whereby it’s launching its WIPO Connect program which will enable the organization to further its cooperation with CISAC. This, in turn, will enable CMOs from developing countries to expand their international reach & exchange data with other CMOs.

So, let’s have a look at how CMOs & Indian artists seeking to protect copyrights in India & abroad can benefit from the above innovations 

Protecting Copyrights in India in a New Way

Copyright protection in India is still in its infancy. As mentioned above, WIPO intends to give a major boost to its development by using its new instrument called WIPO Connect. Meant to make managing & licensing data a lot easier, the tool will also make it possible for Indian CMOs to connect to an international network managed & operated by CISAC.

India: IP Registration. What are the New Agreement’s Benefits?

  • From now on, copyright organizations can provide their services by using the WIPO instrument;
  • From now on, copyright organizations can retrieve royalties internationally;
  • From now on, copyright organizations can have access to an international platform that will enable them to cooperate with one another.

The new agreement complements an agreement on providing access to an international database of publishers & music makers signed between SUISA & WIPO.

How the Registering of IP India Will Be Made Easier

The WIPO instrument opens up new opportunities for Indian copyright societies that include:

  • IRRO;
  • IRPS;
  • ISRA.



The updated agreement makes it possible for Indian music makers & owners of copyrighted works to collect copyright royalties every time they’re used abroad. 

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