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Much of creating a successful startup depends on developing a recognizable brand. According to opinion polls, 59% of buyers buy goods from familiar brands. But if you're just starting your business in Canada, how can you compete with giants like Nike? That is why it is so important to find your own uniqueness and stand out among all famous companies. Creating a catchy name and graphic image for the business is not enough. To become a success, you need to register a trademark in Canada. 

Registration benefits

When you register a TM in Canada, first of all, you will feel more secure. By having registered a trademark in Canada, you automatically obtain the right to use it exclusively throughout Canada for 15 years and protection from using the trademark in Canada by other people or legal entities. It is worth noting that the term of protection of a TM in this jurisdiction is longer than in many other countries including the US and the EU, where protection is provided for an average of 10 years with the possibility of renewal.

How to register a TM in Canada

The process of trademark registration in Canada is easy and not too costly. All you need to do is to file an application to the Intellectual Property Office which regulates the IP right in Canada. However, do not expect the procedure to be swift. Sometimes it can take about 2 years so you need to be patient and your patience will be rewarded. In order not to waste time, you are free to apply for parallel registration of your brand in other countries where you will receive similar protection under the local laws.

Reasons for refusal to register TM

Grounds to get refused registration is the availability of another TM in the Register that matches yours or shows clear signs of similarity.

There are some other reasons why you can get a refusal. For example, if the mark contains a surname, if it clearly describes related products or services, if it contains a geographical location, its chances to be registered are very low. There are also some other signs related to higher education institutions, etc. that are prohibited.

How to create a successful brand

Some brands have better chances of registering than others. Distinctive and eye-catching brands are the least denied registration. Artificially created words are the strongest trademarks because they are essentially original.

Words that are not related to the products / services you offer (for example, APPLE when you don’t sell fruit but computers) can also become powerful trademarks and have a good chance of success.

Successful branding, especially for new businesses, is very much tied to the presence on the Internet because it is an incredibly effective tool for reaching the target audience, and the website, unlike traditional media channels, is affordable even for a startup. Ideally, the web address of the site should match the brand name. So, firstly, it will be easier to find your company, and secondly - it looks professional and convincing.

Be sure to check the TM databases, as well as domain names for similarity with yours prior to applying for registration.

Professional assistance with TM registration in Canada is highly recommended for startups and well-established companies. Finding logos and design marks can be more difficult than the usual TM in the search databases. IQ Decision UK experts are at your service if you decide to register a trademark in Canada or any other jurisdiction of your choice.