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At the beginning of last year, the EU Council approved proposals regarding the updates in regulation on investment companies registered on the territory of the European Union. The new regime will tighten requirements for investment companies from non-EU countries.

What steps should be taken in the context of the new rules if you plan to establish an investment business in the EU and register an investment company in Europe, read further in the article.

General information

The new rules aim to balance the risks that investment companies take on. For entrepreneurs who intend to establish an investment business in the EU and engage in banking activities, this all means that their services will be classified as services of credit institutions and, accordingly, will be regulated by CRR and CRD IV. Other companies that belong to classes 2 and 3 will be regulated under the new regime and somewhat simplified requirements.

What's next?

The new regime is most likely to take effect in the summer of 2021. Accordingly, all operating companies, as well as persons planning to establish an investment company in the EU, will have to comply with the new rules by the specified date. Any details about the content of the new regime will be disclosed in the future through the technical standards and guidelines that the European authorities are mandated to provide.

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