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If you intend to launch a blockchain startup in Europe or Asia, you may find this material useful.

The last decade has been characterized by the rapid development of technologies and their introduction into various fields. One of the most striking examples is Blockchain technology. After the breakthrough of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, a large number of startups have appeared in this area, and the governments of many countries are trying to keep up with them and develop appropriate legislation. 

What is a blockchain-based startup

A startup is an early-stage company registered in the EU or other countries, whose activities are aimed at implementing a certain promising idea or project. The main difference between startups and traditional companies is the more rapid growth and brand formation.

If you intend to start investing in Switzerland, Britain, or Denmark, please note that very often blockchain startups are considered an object for investment. At the same time, thanks to the registration of the ICO in the EU, almost anyone can become a depositor.

For those who want to invest in a digital startup or create a startup based on blockchain technology, you need to consider a few points, which will be discussed below.

Setting up a blockchain startup comprises the following stages:

  1. Identify the existing problem and develop an effective solution.

    The main successful projects in this area have become an option to solve a certain problem and facilitate the related processes.

  2. Selection of qualified personnel.

    To register a company in Denmark and launch a successful project, you need to define the goals and scope of the planned startup. Large-scale developments may require a team of specialists and programmers to deal with "technical" issues. It is also necessary to ensure the promotion of the company in the market, which should be entrusted to experienced marketers and sales managers.

  3. Search for investors and financing.

    For those planning to start a blockchain startup in Europe, it is important to understand that finding investment is one of the most important stages of its implementation. You can attract investment with:

    1. registration of ICO in the EU;
    2. crowdfunding;
    3. venture funds.
  4. Direct development and implementation of the project.
  5. Ensuring compliance with blockchain regulations in the EU (or other jurisdictions).

    Regulation of blockchain technology in the EU-member states can be radically different, so it is worth studying the requirements of the law in your chosen jurisdiction.

  6. Promotion and scaling.


If you are planning to launch a startup in Europe, you should pay attention to the following countries, which are characterized by the most favorable conditions for the implementation of innovative business in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain:

  • Switzerland;
  • Great Britain;
  • Denmark;
  • Malta;
  • Germany.

IQ Decision UK specialists can advise you on starting a blockchain company in Switzerland and other countries, as well as assist you in registering your company. If you need to register an ICO in the UK, contact us in a way that is convenient for you or fill out the short form below.