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Mozambique will join the ARIPO (African Regional Intellectual Property Organization) system for trademarks and intends to implement the Banjul Protocol. This news was surprising to many despite the fact that the country has long been a member of the patent system.

This is great news for applicants who plan to apply for TM registration in several jurisdictions, as they can save a lot of money. The organization is also known for less bureaucracy. For example, Mozambique applications require that the power of attorney be certified by a notary, while in ARIPO, a power of attorney is needed only when registering trademarks.

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Systems to register IP in Africa

Obtaining national intellectual property rights in African countries is possible in two regional IP registration systems: the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) and the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO).

The former is used mainly in African states where the official language is French. It covers obtaining patent protection in Africa, trademark registration in African countries, and obtaining ownership of designs in OAPI member countries.

The system creates an environment where the intellectual property owner receives protection immediately in all OAPI member countries through a single application. Such an application must be submitted to the organization head office in Cameroon.

On the other hand, ARIPO brings jurisdictions together for cooperation in IP matters and allows IP owners to register a trademark in some or all of the member countries as intended. It has long been applied in English-speaking countries until the first Portuguese-speaking country joined the system, and that was Mozambique.

Although the system is often used to register patents in Africa, it also extends to trademarks. Registration of TMs in ARIPO passes only a formal examination, the search for matches with previously registered TMs at the regional level is not carried out. You can order a TM analysis from the IQ Decision UK team and get recommendations to avoid possible risks.

Legal assistance

If you are interested in detailed information regarding ARIPO protocols, please contact our company experts for advice on the registration of intellectual property in Mozambique.

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