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To be able to do business & protect your rights in Vietnam, you must register a trademark in Vietnam. This article will provide you with important information on registering a trademark in Vietnam & give you some indepth insights into the TM registration process. 

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A TM in Vietnam can take the form of logos, devices, words, packaging design & 3D trademarks. Under CPTPP, it is possible to register sounds as trademarks in Vietnam.

What classification does Vietnam adhere to?

TM registration in Vietnam is carried out according to international classification, which envisages acceptance of trademark applications in several different classes.

How is the filing of a TM in Vietnam done?

  • Directly filing a trademark 
  • Registering a trademark in Vietnam pursuant to the Paris Convention
  • Filing a TM in Vietnam under Madrid system

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What does it take to apply for TM registration in Vietnam?

There are several steps involved in the application process:

  • searching for a similar brand in the registry
  • registering a TM in Vietnam

Registering a TM in Vietnam includes the following steps:

  • examining a trademark application
  • publishing a TM application in IP Gazette
  • examination of a TM in Vietnam by a properly authorized body

If an application is declined, applicants are required to react to it within a 3-month period. If a TM application is accepted, applicants will be granted a certificate of registration within one or two months.

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For how long will a TM registration certificate be valid?

A TM certificate will be valid for a period of ten years, starting from the date of filing a trademark application in Vietnam. Renewing trademarks in Vietnam can be done by renewing a TM certificate, which can be done an unlimited number of times.

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