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The benefits of registering a company in the Republic of Malta include a transparent & simple registration process & a favorable taxation regime. By opening a company in Malta, you get to recruit a highly trained & English-speaking personnel.

Please note that the following legal forms of companies are possible in Malta:

  • PLLCs;
  • LLCs;
  • PLCs.

Registration Requirements

The main requirements are as follows:

  • having a registered office;
  • having a share capital of no less than one million one hundred sixty five thousand euros; 
  • having no fewer than two & no more than fifty stakeholders (there's no such a requirement for PLCs; registering one-member companies is also permitted);
  • having at least 1 secretary & 1 director (simultaneously acting in both capacities is prohibited; the only exception is made for one-member companies; PLCs must have no fewer than two directors);
  • drawing up & signing an AoA in Malta (if shareholders can’t sign an AoA, they can entrust it to their authorized representative);
  • opening a bank account in Malta (requires providing a bank with the company’s charter & IDs of its owners); 
  • having a certificate of paid authorized capital.

Please note that establishing partnerships in Malta is also possible. The following types of partnerships are possible:

  • unregistered partnerships - the simplest form involving two or more partners; requires signing a formal document containing general information about the partnership & distribution of profits; partners must be registered as self-employed.
  • registered partnerships - divided into EnNom Collectif & En Commandite; the former  requires partners to share liabilities, while the latter requires having no less than one partner bearing unlimited liability & no less than one partner bearing limited liability.

One can also set up a cooperative in Malta or be self-employed (requires being registered as a self-employed individual). The main difference between a cooperative & company is that the former is created for profit, while the latter is established for achieving a common goal. Both formats require members/stakeholders to bear limited liability. 

Cooperatives are very similar to unregistered partnerships. Their establishment requires paying no registration fees. 

Registering as an individual entrepreneur in Malta implies bearing full responsibility for one’s business’s liabilities.

Malta: Redomiciliation of Companies

Pursuant to Maltese legislation, companies can be redomiciled. Redomiciliation of companies in Malta applies to Malta-registered companies & those of them that are registered in Malta but intend to continue their activities in other jurisdictions.


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