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Firm enrollment in Malta is an alluring resolution for innovators due to the fiscal privileges and statutes aimed at fostering alien capital. Malta is a nation in the Mediterranean Sea, situated betwixt Europe and Africa. Investors can execute their endeavors by exploiting a steadfast economy and a propitious commercial milieu.

Establishing a Maltese company: the country's business advantages

If thou art intending to establish a concern in Malta, it behooves thee to first acquaint thyself with the principal advantages it proffers:

  • Propitious topographical locale.
  • The polity is a constituent of the EU.
  • Unfaltering political and economic apparatus.
  • Avant-garde legislative substratum.
  • Elaborate scheme of correspondences.
  • Widespread mesh of duplicate tax pacts globally.
  • You can amalgamate a Maltese establishment remotely.
  • Rivalrous tribute ordinance with the potentiality of employing an efficacious tribute ratio of 5% for non-dwelling Maltese stakeholders.
  • Non-dwelling stakeholders do not necessitate to remit seal duty on the dissemination of establishment yields and no interchange dominance limitations pertain. Dividends can likewise be repatriated without any confinements.
  • Formulated pecuniary hub.
  • Yearly and prevalent assemblies of a Maltese establishment can be conducted extraneous to the realm.

Enrolling a trade in Malta: pivotal prerequisites

In ordainment to found a concern in Malta, the ensuing maneuvers must be pursued:

  1. To opt the lawful configuration of your forthcoming enterprise.
  2. Enroll an unparalleled denomination with the Malta Trade Registry. You may elect any appellation you desire, the primary stipulation being that it must not be identical to a aforetime reserved designation of another corporation. Nonetheless, the Registrar might decline to enroll a designation if it is deemed objectionable or otherwise unwelcome. Originators can additionally reserve a designation for up to three lunar cycles ere the procedure of enrolling a mercantile establishment in Malta commences.
  3. Request a permit in Malta for your category of enterprise.
  4. Obtain an EIN.
  5. Enlist with the Vocation and Tutorship Centre. 
Accede to data preservation requisites. To safeguard your patrons, you necessitate to undertake measures to safeguard the intelligence you gather and stock. As Malta is a constituent of the EU, you are obliged to adhere to GDPR requisites when amassing data. For further elucidation, kindly reach out to our proficient advisors during your tailored Malta business enrollment consultation.

Establishing a corporation in Malta: documentation

EU Residents:
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Affirmation of the denomination of the firm.
  • Attested duplicates of passports of stakeholders/executives, scribe.Bank voucher verifying deposit of endorsed funds.
  • Evidence of domiciled headquarters in Malta (service invoice for the preceding three months).
  • Attestation of upright position from the jurisdiction in which the firm is enrolled (in the event the stakeholder or executive is a corporation).
EU non-residents:
  • Attested duplicates of passports of shareholders/directors, scribe.
  • Service invoice (preceding three moons).
  • Attestation of virtuous position from the realm where the corporation is enrolled (in event the shareholder or director is a firm).
  • Commendations from shareholders/directors.

If you are scheming to institute a mercantile enterprise in Malta, please take heed that the Deed of Incorporation of a company is its Memorandum of Association. It must include:

  1. The undertaking denomination.
  2. Juridical edifice.
  3. Whence the formal archives are harbored.
  4. Intelligence concerning those implicated.
  5. Assorted commercial segments within the enterprise.
  6. The quantum of sanctioned and dispensed capital stock.
  7. A stakeholder's apportionment value and the tally of shares procured by that stakeholder.
  8. In the contingency that sundry classifications are employed, the entitlements bestowed by the shares of each.
  9. Details regarding the supervisors and scribe.
  10. Particulars of individuals authorized to legitimately/decretally portray the establishment.
  11. A duplicate of the governor's or stakeholder's identification card or passport, alongside the tenancy compact.

Establishing a concern in Malta: OPF

Investors can opt from myriad categories of enterprises when establishing a venture in Malta:

  • a limited liability company (LLC);
  • partnership.

Those who desire to cultivate diminutive enterprises have the opportunity of enrolling a solitary proprietorship in Malta. Alien enterprises can establish a progeny in Malta or inaugurate a Maltese extension..

Registering a private limited company in Malta

Two types of LLCs can be opened in this state:

  • private limited liability company;
  • public limited liability company.

The primary disparities amidst these two manifestations of exertion are the sanctioned pecuniary and the feasibility of recording their allotments on the bourse. Alien investors desiring to institute a faraway LLC in Malta ought to be cognizant that they will necessitate a minimum of 1200 EUR, with at least 20% owed forthwith. Exceeding 50 shareholders cannot be detained by a cloistered endeavor. It is imperative to furnish an inaugural capital of approximately 47,000 EUR, with 25% of that sum due forthwith, to establish LLC in Malta. Whilst cloistered corporations are proscribed from transacting on the Malta Capital Exchange, joint endeavors are.

Our specialists can provide support in registering an LLC in Malta remotely (of any type, according to your needs).

Establish a partnership in Malta

In order to forge a consortship in Malta, a covenant of partnership must be formulated and authenticated. Foreign magnates can inaugurate two variants of consortships:

  • general partnership;
  • limited partnership.

The principal disparity between conventional and circumscribed partnerships lies in the liability of stakeholders. In conventional partnerships, affiliates partake in liabilities and duties, whereas in circumscribed partnerships, ubiquitous and circumscribed affiliates are accountable for the enterprise's governance.

For counsel on composing the documents necessary to formulate a Malta partnership, you can reach out to the specialists at YB Case by fulfilling the contact form provided below.

Purchase of a Maltese company

You have the alternative of procuring a preconstituted enterprise in Malta. Upon the transference of ownership of the preconstituted enterprise to the fresh proprietor, the enterprise can be enlivened in the elected sphere of curiosity. Our crew can furnish assistance in such a transaction.

Holding companies

Global investors who desire to broaden their portfolios and possess stakes in other enterprises prefer establishing holding entities in Malta. The primary benefit is that they can oversee the holding architectures they possess, along with disbursing gains, casting ballots, and relishing corporate tax advantages. Maltese holding entities must possess a minimum of decuple of the shares in the subsidiary, appoint a director, and enroll with the authorized regulators. Any alterations in a corporation incorporated in Malta must be notified to the Companies Registry as delineated in the stipulations of the Companies Act.

Registering a business company in Malta: taxation

Those planning to set up a Maltese firm and open a corporate account in Malta should pay attention to the tax laws:

  1. Progenitor corporation and 95% filiation may assemble a fiscal agglomeration for revenue levy amalgamation with Conglomerate Consortium.
  2. Nadir engagement prerequisite under "Revenue Tariff Doctrine" dwindled from 10% to 5%.
  3. Diminished impress toll proportion of 1.5% is pertinent for specific conveyances of negotiable valuables.
  4. Duplicitous tariff agreements with Principality of Monaco and Republic of Kosovo efficacious since 2019.
  5. Malta executed EU Mandate regulations counter to fiscal elusion.
  6. A "Free Zones Act" introduced for corporate governance in Malta's autonomous zones.

Taxes imposed on Maltese companies:

  1. Conglomerate. A indigenous establishment is esteemed domiciliated and dweller in Malta and is hence chargeable. A extraneous incorporated enterprise which is dweller in this polity through direction and sway is tariffed on proceeds arising in the dominion and on proceeds repatriated to the polity.
  2. Establishments are susceptible to revenue duty at a unvaried proportion of 35 per cent.
  3. Assurance revenue duty is imposed as revenue duty at the stock proportion of 35%. In the circumstance of non-dwelling enterprises, the computation is utilized with regard solely to commerce conducted in Malta.
  4. If you are intrigued in enrolling a corporation in Malta, it is worthwhile keeping in memory that provisions of commodities and amenities in the nation are typically susceptible to Value-Added Tax at the customary rate of 18%.
  5. IGoods imported from extramural the EU may be subject to tariffs. The Customs Code furnishes methodologies and conceptions that are grounded on European Community requisites.
  6. Toll is imposed on capital increments arising from the conveyance of immovables, equities and sundry instruments, business licenses, etc. Earnings arising extraneous the nation and actualized by a corporation which is not domiciled in Malta are not taxed. Moreover excused from toll are:
    • Earnings garnered by aliens from the conveyance of units in Maltese communal investment stratagems.
    • Analogous ventures concerning enduring assurance enterprise and equities.
    • Maltese enterprises grasping securities (apart from establishments divesting certain Maltese realty).
  7. Tariff on latent revenue (royalties, interest) is 10%, there is no tariff on dividend disbursements to stockholders. 
  8. Commerce revenue is tariffed at 5%.

A Maltese concern must inaugurate a bank ledger in Malta to pursue commerce. Subsequently, the majority of the enterprise's dealings will be delineated in its bank records. The ensuing credentials must be furnished when inaugurating a corporate bank ledger in Malta:

  • duplicates of passports or identity cards of each shareholder and overseer;
  • a duplicate of the syndicate's constitutional documents;
  • testimonial of good standing;
  • bank manifests for the shareholders;
  • service invoices demonstrating the Maltese domiciles of each shareholder and conductor.

To inaugurate a firm account with a bank in Malta, be vigilant for the ensuing financial establishments:

  • Valletta Fund Services Ltd;
  • Satabank;
  • Sparkasse Bank Malta.

Specialist counselling

Our team furnishes succor in the establishment of an intercontinental concern enterprise in Malta. We counsel on affiliated quandaries that emerge throughout the establishment procedure. 

By contacting YB Case for further information you can consult on obtaining a Malta business licence:

  • Gambling licence.
  • Payment licence.
  • Crypto licence.
  • Forex licence.

You can make an appointment for a consultation on Maltese company registration by filling out a special contact form or visiting the "Contacts" section.