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If you decide to open a startup and register a TM in Macedonia, then no one can stop you. The local Industrial Property Law, which is the main trademark law in Macedonia, says this directly and unequivocally. It’s  common knowledge that without formally registering a TM, there is very little real legal recourse for brands who suffer from brand abusers. However, before proceeding directly with the registration, we suggest you read a brief overview of our experts, from which you will learn how to protect your brand in Macedonia in the best way.

Protecting famous brands

Macedonia provides full protection to reputable brands. Such brands have the same rights here as registered trademarks. However, in some cases, it is necessary to provide proof of brand awareness to local audiences, for which brands often conduct surveys and other case studies.

Registering a TM in Macedonia

Unfortunately, it is not possible to register a TM in Macedonia online at the moment. 

A search for trademarks in Macedonia prior to filing an application is available on the official website of the local IP Office for the Nice Classification only.

Brand registration in Macedonia officially takes effect on the day it is entered into the register. 

More often than not, the estimated time and cost may be increased if the Office temporarily rejects the application for absolute reasons or if a third party files an objection for justified reasons.

NOTE: Marking is optional in this jurisdiction. There is no legal difference if the owner uses their trademark with or without the ® marking symbol.

Protecting TMs on the Internet 

Detecting infringements online, wherever they may be, as well as removing IP infringements online is crucial for your brand protection in Macedonia. This can include a counterfeit listing on ecommerce, a rogue website or a social media profile, along with a number of other forms of brand abuse.

Protection of TMs, if they contain domain names, is prescribed:

  • a set of rules for organizing and managing the Macedonian Internet domain .mk on the Web;
  • Law on Copyright and Related Rights.

IP Dispute Resolution in Macedonia

IP disputes, such as domain name disputes, TM and copyright registration, disclosure of trade secrets etc. are typically resolved by litigation in Macedonia. Mediation and arbitration for the resolution of IP disputes in Macedonia are rarely used in practice. While these procedures reduce costs, it appears that such practices still lack credibility in this jurisdiction.

Legal professionals at IQ Decision UK bring years of experience to clients in defending their interests in IP disputes in many jurisdictions. We will provide you comprehensive assistance in settling a dispute on TM in Macedonia or any other European country.

We will dedicate our full attention to all aspects of your case and will give thorough and thoughtful answers to all your questions. Our specialists will also provide assistance if you intend to register a TM in Macedonia. 

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