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As far as conducting trials is concerned, one cannot but mention the fact that it is impossible to guarantee their timeframes and costs. Many people, even adherents of litigation, are finding it increasingly difficult to get legal assistance because of their modest income. Therefore, litigation crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly relevant option.


Those having basic understanding of crowdfunding may know that this method of fundraising can serve all sorts of purposes: from paying for holidays to financing films & IT startups.

Holding a crowdfunding campaign to fund litigation is pretty much the same. If you need to file a lawsuit, you can create a page on a crowdfunding website, indicating details of your case & the amount of funds they need.

Apart from covering litigation costs, plaintiffs can also seek donations to cover any costs if the trial does not end in their favor.

Thus, crowdfunding can provide them with an opportunity to shield themselves from financial hazards through enlisting public support. By the way, a large number of high-level lawsuits in Scotland got financed through crowdfunding.

An Indepth Look at Litigation Crowdfunding

Although litigation crowdfunding is usually used to finance public-related cases affecting, this does not mean that it couldn’t be used for any other kind of litigation. Surely, it might be more difficult to draw public attention to a private dispute than to a high-level case on human rights. However, if a case is likely to affect the interests of the general public, there may be people willing to provide financial support.

There can be different approaches to crowdfunding. However, the most optimal one centers around consistent, phased fundraising. In this case, the “donors" can see how things are proceeding, how funds are getting spent, & if there’s any sense in further participation. It’s also possible to use special sites, which indicate how much money has already been collected from the total amount.


Those looking to raise money through crowdfunding need to understand that they are going to be responsible for the legal costs involved in the lawsuit. However, they may reach a deal with their lawyers that the fees are going to be be limited by the threshold of attracted funding.

This can pose a problem for the lawyers, and, therefore, may require raising additional funding for creating a cash buffer in case of unforeseen expenses. Appealing against a person funded through crowdfunding should also be considered.

Legal Advice

If you still have questions regarding litigation crowdfunding, you can always contact IQ Decision UK. Our lawyers can provide you with legal support at any stage of registering a company through crowdfunding, and provide other related legal services.