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You are no doubt aware of the fact that being involved in different types of financial activities requires getting a license, now are you? The list of those activities is quite long but it is invariably topped by one of them - direct or indirect management of funds of 3rd parties. Being multifaceted, it involves setting up & managing all kinds of financial entities, including investment funds, exchanges, funds, ICO projects, etc. 

As we already mentioned, being engaged in each of those activities requires applying for a license. However, getting one may take way too much time & effort. It can also prove to be a rather costly undertaking, unless, of course, you know your way round the laws of the country you’re going to start a business in. 

And that is exactly where IQ Decision UK comes into play! Having a wealth of experience, we can help you get your license quickly & effortlessly.

What Rights & Obligations Does Getting a License Come With?

  • The licensee is granted the right to carry out activities which are subject to licensing
  • The licensee undertakes an obligation to comply with certain requirements & conditions for the duration of the license

Obtaining a license is a rather lengthy & time-consuming process. In addition to the costs of preparing & processing all the documentation and submitting it to regulatory authorities, it also involves spending some time studying the relevant regulatory acts. 

What is involved in the licensing procedure is determined by the regulations of a particular country, and in different countries the conditions for obtaining a license & conducting licensed activities may vary significantly.

Having extensive experience working in various countries, our team of legal experts can help you with obtaining a license in a jurisdiction of your choice

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Recommendations for choosing a jurisdiction for financial activities;
  • Advising on the preparation of a full package of documents for obtaining a license in accordance with the rules and requirements of the selected country;
  • Translation and legalization of documents;
  • Providing legal advice with preparing documentation required by authorized bodies for compliance with licensing conditions;
  • Assistance with the licensing procedure (PSP, VQF, EMI, Forex, Gambling, etc.);
  • Assistance in obtaining licenses for cryptocurrency operations (FINMA, MAS, MFSA, FCA, SEC, ASIC).

IQ Decision UK can take all the hassle out of getting a license. Our team of legal professionals will provide you with an individual consultation on ony licensing-related matters & help you get the result you want.