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Having a problem protecting your domain name? First, let's understand what a domain is. Domain names are the equivalent of a physical address on the Internet, with which you can find a site on the web.

For example, the domain name of our website is divided into two parts: the top-level domain - ".com". This is the most common top-level domain name on the Internet, which indicates the commercial nature of the website.

The "iqdecision" part is a "second-level" domain, which usually refers to the organization or person to whom the domain name belongs.

Because domain names are valuable property, there are often disputes over how to return a stolen domain name. In addition, the issue of the domain name is often linked to trademark principles, domestic regulation, and international law. If you are interested in how to return a stolen domain, contact IQ Decision UK.

Domain names, trademarks, and cybersquatting

As a rule, the most frequent disputes related to domains arise in order to protect trademarks. A trademark is an identifying name or symbol by which consumers can identify the provider of certain goods and services. On the other hand, a domain can infringe an existing trademark or actually become a trademark of a company under certain circumstances. As a result, certain regulations have been passed to protect TM owners. For example, the Consumer Protection Act against cybersquatting provides for certain remedies for both legal entities and individuals.

Domestic and international remedies

In order to challenge a domain name's rights under the Consumer Protection Act against cybersquatting, a party must sue.

However, we have to note that this type of trial is quite expensive and can take a long time. And in some cases, the potential benefits of a successful lawsuit may not cover all costs.

Alternatively, parties can contact the Domain Name and IP Address Corporation (ICANN) to challenge the domain. ICANN is the organization responsible for coordinating and maintaining unique Internet IDs.

Moreover, the organization has implemented the Unified Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), which provides remedies similar to those that exist in the Law on the Protection of Consumers from Cybersquatting.

If you need to protect a domain name, please note that resolving domain disputes through ICANN is cheaper and faster than litigation.

Legal issues that may arise when resolving a domain dispute are time-consuming and quite expensive. To avoid unnecessary costs, it is very important to turn to experienced professionals. IQ Decision UK specialists will answer all your questions and provide qualified assistance in returning the domain. Sign up for an individual consultation by filling out the form below.