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International business consulting, legal advice on project financing, legal support in M&A deals
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Legal consulting

Legal consulting is a comprehensive legal support for a business. It includes consulting on various issues of registration and business activities conduction from the point of view of legal aspects. In today's competitive environment, every business requires a structure that combines business strategies and practices with legal requirements.

Every decision of the company means balancing a multitude of risk factors. For example, entering a new market implies that the rules of the jurisdiction chosen for incorporation may differ from the legal conditions of the country where you already have a business. Moreover, support in registering a company, considering the specifics of your business and understanding the necessary balance between business practice and acceptable legal risk, are those areas of international law where the assistance of subject matter experts is required.

The experience of specialized lawyers, for example, in the field of corporate law, is an important aspect for the implementation of your projects in a legally reliable manner.

Business consulting in modern markets

International legal consulting is essential today as global markets are going through a so-called transition period. Digitization facilitates the emergence of new business opportunities and, consequently, new challenges. In this regard, there is a need for effective business management.

Legal consulting on international trade law contributes to the fact that many problems can be avoided at the initial stages of registration. This is especially important when launching a startup project abroad. But it's not just emerging  entrepreneurs who turn to business consultants. For large corporations, business consulting is important, as the international regulatory framework is subject to constant changes and innovations (amendments and changes are made, governments issue updated Regulations and implement new Directives).

Legal consultant services

The world economy is going through a period of transformation, which creates new opportunities for consulting specialists. A business consultant is a professional who provides legal advice   on the registration and business operations to private entrepreneurs and commercial entities on a contractual basis.

Regardless of its size, a business can face many different legal challenges in the course of its operation. To cope with these problems, entrepreneurs request legal support for the business.

Business consultants offer qualified assistance and support, namely:

  • support in choosing the optimal jurisdiction for business registration;
  • support in registering a company in a foreign jurisdiction;
  • advice on aspects of corporate law;
  • assistance in choosing a legal model for carrying on business;
  • advice on compliance with legal requirements when incorporating a company;
  • assistance in the development of the corporate structure for the company;
  • advice on the acquisition / sale of a business;
  • support in the preparation of corporate agreements and foreign trade contracts governed by foreign law;
  • consulting on restructuring;
  • support of deals with partners and co-founders, representation of your interests in the negotiation process;
  • legal advice on the protection of intellectual property rights;
  • support in securities transactions;
  • consulting on re-domiciliation of your business;
  • support in international dispute resolution, as well as through ADR;
  • support in obtaining licenses, assistance in drafting license agreements, etc .;
  • due diligence of the company's technology assets, etc .;
  • consulting on the specifics of the investment project regulation  in various countries.

Legal consultants can conduct a comprehensive assessment of certain markets, help in solving organizational problems, provide support in drafting documents for launching an investment project in a foreign jurisdiction, make sure that the registration procedure is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the law of a particular jurisdiction.

Legal consulting for technology companies

Business in the information technology sector, like any other business, faces various legal challenges on a daily basis. Launching a technology startup abroad, creating and launching new products into the market, entering new markets, applying modern technologies requires entrepreneurs to comply with many legal requirements, which may vary  in different jurisdictions. That is why it would be prudent to request legal services for business from experienced experts.

When registering an IT company abroad or launching a startup in the IT sector, assistance is most often required in the following matters:

  1. Corporate structuring and regulation of relationships between co-founders.
  2. Planning the structure of contractual relationships.
  3. Analysis and assessment of opportunities for launching a specific business model of the project, taking into account legal requirements.
  4. Consulting on the legal feasibility of the investment project.
  5. Support in negotiations with co-founders, partners, regulatory authorities in the process of project implementation.

Sometimes startups have a successful concept, but don't have an understanding how legitimate it is and what regulation is applicable. Therefore, competent legal advice when launching a startup project abroad can help determine the further successful path of your company.

Moreover, IT projects may require the following business consulting services:

  • Consulting on choosing a country for launching an IT startup and regulating relations with co-founders / investors.
  • Consulting on applicable legislation in relation to a specific mechanism of the project.
  • Consulting services on legal aspects of drafting contracts, protection of IP rights, corporate structuring.
  • IT investment consulting.
  • GDPR compliance consulting.
  • Consulting on TM registration, on patenting.
  • Consulting on the management of the intellectual property of an IT company.
  • Support in IT dispute settlement.

Legal advice on project financing

Fundraising is one of the important steps that businesses face in today's competitive business environment.  Conclusion of a deal on project financing is more than just negotiation on financial structuring. It also includes analysis of real estate rights, construction and development contracts, equipment warranties, concession agreements, agreements with buyers such as power purchase agreements, cash management, environmental permits, regulatory issues.

Accompanying services and advice on project financing include:

  • Support in registering a project company in a foreign jurisdiction.
  • Consulting on the conclusion of concession agreements for project financing abroad.
  • Advising on the preparation of fundamental agreements for project financing.
  • Consulting on the legal aspects of project financing.
  • Support in the settlement of disputes on project financing.
  • Consulting on filing applications for participation in state financing programs.
  • Consulting on attracting private equity and venture capital.
  • Legal support in M&A deals.
  • Consulting on setting up joint ventures to promote the project.

Financial consulting specialists have the necessary knowledge in such areas as efficient technologies, implementation of business strategies aimed at minimizing market and other risks. As part of the project support, business consulting is carried out, including advice on effective measures to solve the problems that CFOs and CROs often face. Thus, legal consultants provide support at every stage of launching an investment project abroad.

International business consulting

In the dynamic and globalized world, the interrelationship between technology, human capital and development of entry strategy for international markets are of key importance. Business consultants will help private entrepreneurs and companies deal with these questions. They have the necessary analytical and diplomatic skills and are ready to provide comprehensive support in launching an investment startup in accordance with the regulatory environment of the chosen jurisdiction.

International consulting includes the following services for international business participants:

  • Extensive and detailed analysis of the foreign market in the process of launching a project and the factors that must be considered for the success of your business.
  • Analysis of various strategic opportunities.
  • Legal advisory services on business structuring to optimize operations around the world.
  • Consulting on management and minimization of foreign exchange and other risks associated with international transactions.
  • Consulting on international investments.
  • Consulting on methods of capital raising.
  • Support in cross-border M&A deals.
  • Consulting on restructuring, business reorganization.
  • Legal advisory services on partnership / shareholder relations, creation of joint ventures. 

International legal consulting implies not only a clear understanding of the peculiarities of the legislation of various states, but also an understanding of the mentality and cultural differences in various countries. The understanding of these factors will determine the tactics of negotiation to be used, methods of corporate business management, ways of international dispute settlement.

Entering international markets for new companies or expanding the activities of existing enterprises require qualified advice and support. When starting an investment project, business consulting services from IQ Decision UK will help you determine the best markets based on your goals and needs, identify areas that need improvement, develop a successful business strategy in accordance with the regulatory framework of the chosen jurisdiction.

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