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Assistance in obtaining activity permits

Acquiring a business license is the first step in forming a new business, expanding operations, and expanding into new markets. Licenses and permits are required to guarantee interests of consumers and operation transparency.

The procedure for acquiring permits from different government departments necessitates knowledge of legal procedures. You might need some competent legal assistance for your company, including when acquiring the necessary permits.

What is an enterprise license?

A business license is a government-issued document that certifies the legality and safety of your company. The type of license required depends on the nature of the enterprise. The license is the final requirement for registering a foreign company.

Important initial business steps include:

  • filing a name registration request; 
  • selecting an organizational and legal structure;
  • registration with the Internal Revenue Service
  • obtaining the necessary business licenses.

Additional advantages of obtaining business licenses in various nations include:

  1. Legal protection is the company's compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  2. Obtaining funding - a business license allows for the receipt of government assistance.
  3. Tax rights entail the ability to file business taxes separately from individual taxes.
  4. Protection for the owner, employees, and customers - the issuance of a business license enables protection for all parties involved.

Document filing requirements vary by business type, and certain businesses require additional permits. To guarantee adequate adherence with the legal requirements of the chosen jurisdiction for enrollment and business, it is recommended to consult with an experienced professional.

Obtaining a business license in diverse jurisdictions

There are nations that issue business licenses at the time of business registration. In some states, the process of obtaining a business license is considered a separate step from the incorporation procedure. There are jurisdictions that issue a business permit upon completion of the foreign business registration process.

What is involved in the licensing of a business in a foreign nation?

Over the past decade, the number of nations that provide favorable conditions for foreign entrepreneurs has increased dramatically. Obtaining permission to conduct business abroad can be a time-consuming process, depending on the industry in which the company will operate. Several government checks are conducted prior to the issuance of a business license for a newly-registered financial sector company in Europe or Asia.

The documentation required to obtain a business permit varies by economic region in the USА, Asia, Europe, and other continents. In the majority of jurisdictions, the documents required to submit a business permit are the company's incorporation documents, registration certificate, and any special forms requisite by the issuing jurisdiction.

 obtaining a business license

A significant factor to consider when registering a non-resident firm in Asia, Europe, or the United States is that in many nations, online processes for acquiring business permits were developed, which greatly simplifies this process.

License types for businesses

The Commercial Register, municipal authorities, and certain other organizations may issue business permits. Foreigners who wish to register a company in another country must apply for standard permits regardless of the nature of their company. Food production, construction, and the medical field, among others, require special licenses.

Assistance with obtaining business licenses: destinations and nations

These are the most requested licenses:


Payment system license

You may only offer payment services if you possess a valid payment service provider license. Legal assistance in obtaining a license for a payment institution in Asia, provided by specialized professionals, will assist you in registering a business by ensuring compliance with the necessary licensing requirements.


Permission for a logistics firm

In countries like Ireland, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, assistance in obtaining a permit to offer logistics solutions in Europe is in highest demand. In 2022, Hong Kong has become a popular place for delivery firms enrolling in Asia.


Permission for an IT company

The internationalization of a business is made possible by the foreign incorporation of an IT company. Launching an IT startup abroad necessitates a thorough examination of all relevant factors, including licensing requirements.

Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States - Delaware, Europe - Georgia, Portugal, Estonia, Ireland, and England are the most popular jurisdictions in which clients contact us and in which our specialists assist them in registering and opening IT companies.


Licensed cryptographic activities

Digital technologies stimulate the growth of related markets, such as the virtual currency market and fintech projects. Competent legal support for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects can facilitate the launch of this type of legal startup. We provide legal support for all phases of a Fintech project, including obtaining permits and going through licensing procedures.


Banking license

Obtaining a banking license in a reputable jurisdiction is a complicated process that necessitates familiarity with the legal nuances and characteristics of that jurisdiction.


Gaming permit

Obtaining a license for online gambling is an appealing business opportunity for many business owners, as the online betting marketplace is growing and is one of the most lucrative industries today.


Medical license

Obtaining a license to practice medicine in various nations is one of the most complex and time-consuming procedures. The purpose of licensing is to ensure that professionals meet the highest standards of proficiency. The medical industry is governed by numerous national organizations.


Finance-related activities require an operating license. Certain types of businesses require licenses and permits from multiple levels of government. Conditions may vary depending on the field of activity and location.

Specialists from IQ Decision UK will advise you on the regulation of business activities in various countries, including the acquisition of the necessary licenses.


What exactly is licensing?

Business licenses are permits issued by government agencies that allow companies to conduct business within the government's geographic jurisdiction. The process of obtaining a business permit from the local government is known as licensing.

What kinds of licenses are available?

There are numerous licensing classifications and types. Permits, for example, can be classified based on whether licensing is done at the state, federal, or individual jurisdictional level (canton or state). Professional licenses required for a specific type of activity, industry licenses, general commercial licenses, and so on may also be required.

What are the requirements for obtaining an activity permit?

Each country's legislation specifies a set of requirements that must be met in order to obtain a business permit. If you need to obtain a business license, IQ Decision UK specialists can provide more detailed information as part of a personal consultation.

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