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Any legal entities or individuals are eligible for registration of a TM in the state of Israel; no Israeli citizenship or documents confirming a residence permit are required.

Which TM Types Can be Eligible for Registration in the State of Israel?

Any TM distinguishing a TM owners’ products/services from others can be eligible for registration. The official definition of a ™ extends to imagery, lettering, numerical signs or their combinations in 2D or 3D. This definition also includes:

  • holographic signs;
  • logos & words;
  • signs representing a series of motions;
  • audio signals;
  • 3D models;
  • colored signs;
  • service, collective & certification signs;

Registering tastes & smells isn’t allowed.

Unregistered TMs

Registration isn’t required for granting TM rights in Israel, as long as a TM enjoys a widespread reputation locally. Using TMs in the State of Israel for an extended duration of time is usually required to build such a reputation.

Foreign Brands

Foreign TMs known in the domestic market are protected by Israeli law. TMs unregistered in Israel can be protected from similarly-looking TMs in relation to known products/services or services/products fitting identical description.


Registering TMs in the State of Israel requires submitting an application to the Patent Office. To be eligible for this, applicants must have a PoA issued to a local lawyer who will submit an application on their behalf. A PoA’s copy is filed with the Office, while its original has to be to the registrar upon request. A PoA mustn’t be legalized or notarized.

Registering a TM in the State of Israel requires providing its digital photo(s), picture(s) & 3D model(s). Registering a sound TM in Israel requires providing a sample in an MP3 format.

Registration is also available in an e-format. Prior to filing an application, applicants are allowed to conduct a search in an official TM database (requires paying an access fee of one hundred sixty euros).

TM Registration Procedure

It takes some ten or twelve months for applications to be reviewed. Applicants must pay a submission fee of four hundred euros. 

Registration of TMs in the State of Israel can be expedited & requires submitting a set of relevant documents. The documents get reviewed under an accelerated procedure that takes approximately 30 days. To qualify for a fast track application procedure, applicants must pay an official fee of two hundred thirty euros.

Registering service or multi-class TMs in Israel requires:

  • paying a fee four hundred euros (per one class);
  • three hundred euros (per each next class).

Israel: TM Use

Owners of registered TMs mustn’t furnish proof of use in the State of Israel, neither before nor after the registration. If a TM hasn’t been used within a 3-year period since registration, a TM owner can apply for cancellation of a TM in the State of Israel (requires providing a proof of use).

Registration of Israeli trademarks can be in effect indefinitely & prolonged for another ten years (requires submitting a corresponding application). Prolongation is made upon request & requires paying:

  • a fee of seven hundred euros (per one class);
  • a fee of seven hundred euros (per the 1st class) & six hundred euros (per all additional classes).

Registration may be prolonged within six months (requires paying a late prolongation fee). If the payment hasn’t been made, a TM is deleted from a register. Renewal or restoration of invalid registrationIf is impossible if more than twelve months have passed since the prolongation date.


Seeking advice on the registration of TMs in the State of Israel will help avoid common mistakes & ensure a smooth registration process. Just contact IQ Decision UK & let our team of experts handle that for you. They will also be happy to give you a hand with any matters related to registration of TMs in Israel.