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Today, developing applications and selling them on Google Play is a highly profitable business which is gaining popularity day after day.

In order to engage in such entrepreneurial activity, first you should do is register a company for the development of applications.

If you have found an investor to develop a mobile app, and his assets are located abroad, then it is logical that you are thinking about registering a development company abroad and trying to select the best country for this activity. Read our blog post further and you may find some useful hints.

What you need to consider when setting up a company for the development of mobile apps

The first stage will be the selection of jurisdiction for the future firm.

Google has its own black and white lists of countries. For example, by registering a company in the BVI or opening a company in Belize, you will find yourself in a desperate situation: of course, you can develop an application but you will never be able to sell it on Google Play! Many entrepreneurs, unaware of this nuance, have lost serious money invested in their companies registration in “black” jurisdictions. Do not repeat their mistakes.

Excellent choice of jurisdictions where you can well register a company for an app development:

  • Yemen;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Australia;
  • Ireland;
  • Israel;
  • Canada;
  • Guatemala;
  • Thailand;
  • New Zealand;
  • Denmark;
  • Ecuador ;
  • Malta;
  • Pakistan;
  • Kenya;
  • Slovakia;
  • Philippines;
  • Singapore;
  • Estonia;
  •  Finland;
  • Netherlands;
  • Ukraine;
  • Costa Rica;
  •  Mexico;
  • Jordan;
  • Lithuania;
  • South Africa;
  • Bangladesh;
  • Zambia.

This list is far from being complete.

Our experienced experts will help you choose a “white” jurisdiction for establishing a business, taking into account all your wishes and advantages.

Which country to choose?

If you are interested in the Asian region, then we suggest registering a company in Hong Kong or setting up a company in Singapore, but if the priority is European countries, then you should register a company in Switzerland, and establishing a company in Luxembourg can be a good decision, too. These countries provide comfortable taxation and a number of other benefits for foreign investors. The costs of its maintenance are scanty, plus the minimum or even complete absence of reports, inspections, pension funds and other discomforts. Also, when planning a virtual business model, you need to consider the local requirements for the location of the company's servers as the main asset of the company.

You can find out a more extended list of countries with low tax rates at a personal meeting with our specialists. We will provide comprehensive advice on which jurisdiction is best in your specific case. Contact us to sign up for a consultation using the feedback form below or in any other convenient way.