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Registration with the MCFZ allows companies the flexibility to select from various licensing options to legally operate in spheres aligned to the zone's focus on renewable energy, clean technology, information and communications technology, marketing and events hosting. This regulatory approach enables registered entities to adapt their business models to tap into the latest market innovations and trends in high-technology and sustainability. Ultimately, the MCFZ strives to foster an environment conducive to the growth and advancement of progressive enterprises.  

Additionally, the MCFZ offers best-in-class infrastructure and business support services including office spaces equipped with modern amenities, shared workspaces and a comprehensive range of professional services. Such provisions adequately equip companies with the necessary facilities and assistance to bolster development and expansion. The zone's strategic location in proximity to Abu Dhabi International Airport and integrated global transport links also provide exceptional logistics and transport capabilities to facilitate international trade and investment.

Company registration with the MCFZ in 2024 presents sizeable opportunities for business growth and success. The zone promotes economic prosperity for companies alongside attracting foreign direct investment and cementing Abu Dhabi's reputation as a global hub championing innovation and sustainability.

History and development: from an energy-sustainable cluster to a business hub  

Company registration in MCFZ is deeply rooted in the origins and advancement of Masdar City as an energy-sustainable cluster. The Masdar Initiative was launched in 2006 by the Abu Dhabi government with the ambitious objective of establishing a global hub focused on sustainable development and innovation. From the outset, Masdar City was envisaged as a model for future urban development, integrating advanced renewable energy and green building technologies with traditional Arabic architectural elements. 

Guided by principles of sustainability and innovation, Masdar City has garnered global recognition as a platform for testing and deploying cutting-edge technologies across energy efficiency, renewable energy and intelligent urban planning spheres. This rapid expansion and evolution has catalysed Masdar City's transformation — from a research and education hub to an attractive business destination for international enterprises.

Registration within the MCFZ provides unique prospects for companies operating in the clean technology and sustainability sectors, furnishing incentives including tax exemptions, allowances for full foreign ownership and waiver of customs duties. This has cultivated an enabling environment for innovative startups and large corporations seeking to contribute to global climate change mitigation efforts and champion sustainable development. 

Over time, the MCFZ has broadened its horizons to attract diverse business segments spanning information and communication technologies, healthcare, education and more. Company registration within the zone has become synonymous with innovation, sustainability and strategic market positioning, appealing to entrepreneurs and investors globally.

Masdar City continues to develop and serve as an exemplar of how innovation and sustainability can synergize to generate new economic opportunities and advance a cleaner, safer future. It has evolved beyond a test-bed for pioneering technologies, to a dynamic business hub, continuously drawing the attention of the international business community.

Available licences and popular business segments 

Registering a company in MCFZ requires selecting a licence corresponding to the entity's field of activity. The MCFZ provides various licence categories targeting specific business segments:  

MCFZ Commercial Licences

 enable participation in an array of commercial activities, including retail sales and office services. This licence type suits companies seeking to trade goods or deliver diverse commercial services. It facilitates market entry leveraging an established brand reputation.  

MCFZ Consulting Licenses

focus on specialized advisory services across areas like business consulting, environmental and energy technologies. This licence type is fitting for professional consultancies and management solutions providers, enabling them to cross-sell services across units to expand offerings.

MCFZ Freelance Permits

suit individual entrepreneurs and digital nomads seeking licences in domains like marketing and IT. This affordable option allows starting operations directly from the free zone, ideal for remote workers eyeing office space within a sustainable, innovation-driven environment.

Additionally, the MCFZ offers mixed-use residential and commercial developments, allowing unique combinations of living and work spaces for those prioritizing integrating business and personal realms in a single location.

When applying for MCFZ registration, companies must strategize licence selection carefully based on business objectives, capital requirements, legal considerations, and growth expectations within the Masdar City ecosystem. Each licence category offers tailored business support services to amplify success.

Company registration process 

The company registration process in MCFZ follows a clear-cut sequence, spanning initial application to license obtainment.

The first step entails applying to reserve a company name by making an online payment of AED 2,000 and securing name approval from the DED (regulator in Abu Dhabi). Upon securing name approval, investors must submit a licence application enclosing the company's business plan and incorporating documents.

The second step requires utilizing the MCFZ online portal to submit all prerequisite paperwork, including fully completed application forms with detailed company information. Subsequently, MCFZ specialists review submitted documentation and revert with queries if any.  

The third stage encompasses to finalize registration by signing agreements, settling leases/fees either personally or through courier services, upon which the company is issues an e-license and incorporation certificate.

Basic documents for MCFZ registration include copies of shareholder passports, professional biographies, and appointed company manager passport. A premise lease agreement and power of attorney identifying the entity's MCFZ representative is compulsory. Additional documents, namely Memorandum/Articles of Association, certificate of incorporation and board resolution regarding Abu Dhabi operations apply for corporations and branches. 

Please note that this is only an indicative list of documents and regulatory requirements for opening a company in the MCFZ. You can get more detailed information from our consultants.  

Thus, the MCFZ company registration process is streamlined and rapid, offering investors a clear pathway to launch businesses in one of the UAE's most sustainable and innovation-focused free zones.

Popular company legal structures 


 formed by one or more individual/corporate founders. Offers limited liability protections to shareholders. Min. capital requirements around AED 50,000

Branch of foreign company:

 entities that can operate in the MCFZ under the parent company's brand/business activities. Share capital not mandated.

The optimal legal structure depends on factors including intended business activities, expansion plans and market entry strategies. 

Important note: min. share capital requirements may evolve; hence investors should contact MCFZ specialists to obtain updated information and ensure compliance with prevailing policies to fully capitalize on opportunities.

Registration in the MCFZ provides unique business development prospects, given its status as one of the world's most sustainable economic zones. The area attracts entrepreneurs and companies in cutting-edge spheres like sustainable technology and renewable energy.

Company registration packages

MCFZ offers various registration packages tailored to new startups and existing enterprises, including unique offerings targeting women entrepreneurs.



Business Package

  • Carries a one-time registration fee of AED 3,000. 
  • Suitable for both nascent and established companies. 


  • min. of 2 visa allotments, 
  • option to select up to 6 activity types, 
  • licence fees starting from AED 14,000, 
  • rental rates from AED 10,000 onwards.

Startup Package

  • Exclusively designed for early-stage ventures registering in the MCFZ. 
  • Requires a one-time AED 3,000 registration payment. 


  • possibility of 2 visa allotments, 
  • choice of up to 5 business activity categories, 
  • licence fees from AED 10,000, 
  • rentals from AED 6,000.

Women entrepreneurs Package

  • Aimed at promoting women-led businesses. 


  • one-time AED 3,000 registration fee, 
  • min. of 1 visa, 
  • option for up to 5 business activities, 
  • licence fees from AED 6,000, 
  • rentals from AED 6,000.

Space Zone Package

  • Supports space industry players. 


  • one-time AED 3,000 registration payment, 
  • visa allotments depend on rental terms, 
  • 1 designated business activity, 
  • licence fees from AED 6,000, 
  • rentals from AED 10,000 onwards.

The MCFZ offers personalized packages suiting different stages of business growth. This enables appropriate service bundle selections per financial capabilities and strategic plans.

Note that additional expenses include custom name approvals, activity fees, VAT on workspaces etc. Entities are advised to study all options in detail with legal consultants to optimize costs and maximize MCFZ benefits.

Employee visa support

Obtaining an employee visa in the MCFZ requires applying of documents including employee passport, photographs, contract copy, medical certificate and other papers mandated as per MCFZ. Pre-visa medical testing may be needed.

The MCFZ offers accelerated visa approval, making the process smoother and rapid — enabling quicker staff onboarding and integration.  Upon submitting documentation, approval timelines vary but are faster thanks to process prioritization.  

With visa in hand, staff can legally enter the UAE and commence MCFZ operations. The streamlined process demonstrates the MCFZ’s commitment to easing talent acquisition, ensuring quick ramp-up within this sustainable business ecosystem. Expedited Visa support remains a key locational benefit for zone entities, facilitating onboarding of foreign specialists into Masdar City.

Office space rental options 

The MCFZ offers versatile office space rentals suiting varied business sizes and requirements — from virtual office set-ups for startups to custom facilities for large corporations seeking to grow Abu Dhabi presence.

Opting for a virtual office while registering with the MCFZ is ideal for remote-managed entities without the need for constant physical presence. Such facilities provide a professional legal address, shared workspaces and meeting rooms accessible whenever required. A virtual presence in the MCFZ allows fledgling firms to economize on overheads whilst maintaining a corporate image.

For entrepreneurs requiring temporary desks, the MCFZ provides Flexi-Desk options involving pay-per-use access to fully equipped workstations within shared offices, billed hourly or daily. Flexi-Desk perfectly suits startups and freelance professionals who periodically require professional work environments to interact with clients and partners, without undertaking major rental expenses. 

For companies seeking permanent individual office spaces, the MCFZ offers customizable facilities scalable as per unique business needs and branding visions — be they R&D labs, design studios or corporate headquarters. Such private offices enable tailored configurations aligned to specific operational requirements.

The MCFZ's diverse rental models cater to varied business types and growth phases. Opening a company with the appropriate office space option permits entities to strategically budget operating expenses and implement expansion plans effectively within the zone's sustainable ecosystem.

Declaration of beneficial owners and AML compliance

Launching a business in the MCFZ necessitates strategic planning and compliance with UAE laws around AML and beneficial ownership declarations — critical for ensuring transparency and trust with regulators and partners.

When registering in the MCFZ, entities must furnish accurate details on individuals with ultimate company control. This uplifts financial transaction transparency while identifying key controlling shareholders and managers. For a smooth incorporation, comprehensive beneficial owner information comprising personal data, equity share, and management influence specifics need to be provided and regularly updated with the authorities. 

Robust AML policies and controls also form a pivotal aspect of commencing MCFZ operations. Firms need to institute procedures for monitoring, identifying and reporting suspicious finance flows and transactions. Such measures typically entail thorough customer verification, tracking anomalous patterns, and working with regulators to meet AML regulations.  

The MCFZ participants must adhere to high ethical and legislative standards. Complying with ownership declarations and AML rules not only fosters a transparent ecosystem but also safeguards the entity and leadership from regulatory offences and reputation risks. The MCFZ provides ample support to ease compliance, empowering companies to instead channel focus towards sustainability-driven innovation and growth.


Registering in the MCFZ in 2024 represents an attractive prospect for entrepreneurs and enterprises focused on innovation and sustainability. Beyond flexible office space rentals and promotional launch packages, the MCFZ emphasizes legal compliance and AML controls to cement trust and transparency.

Commencing operations in the MCFZ furnishes access to next-generation sustainable technologies alongside unparalleled international collaboration opportunities to catalyse expansion. Concurrently, conforming to beneficial ownership reporting and AML diligence reinforces participant commitment towards ethical growth.

On the whole, the MCFZ offers holistic support across all aspects of company registration and commercial activities, cementing its reputation as a foremost UAE free zone for stakeholders championing technology-driven, ecologically conscious development. As of 2024, the MCFZ remains the foremost option for entities aiming to drive global progress in actualizing green, knowledge-based economic milestones. 

Our specialists are well-positioned to offer expert guidance and advisory during every MCFZ registration and launch step. To contact us, kindly select your preferred mode of communication via the “Contact” section on our website.