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Being a part of the Channel Islands, the Island of Guernsey is a member of the EU. The key sectors of the island’s economy are tourism & agriculture. Known as a tax haven, it attracts hundreds of foreign investors from all over the world every year. 

Those seeking to register a company in Guernsey can choose one of the following business organization forms:

  • LLC
  • subsidiary.
  • trust.

Registration of a company in Guernsey requires compliance with these regulatory criteria:

  • minimum number of directors - one.
  • minimum number of shareholders - one.
  • having registered office space.
  • registering a unique name.
  • hiring a secretary.
  • paying an annual fee of one hundred & fifteen euros.

Foreign entrepreneurs can engage in any kind of commercial activity, excluding banking, insurance & investment.

Registering a company in Guernsey can take up to two weeks.

After registering a company in Guernsey, its owners don’t have to pay any taxes. However, there’s a fee of about one hundred & seventy five euros which must be paid once a year.


Maintenance & filing of annual financial statements is mandatory. Conducting an annual audit is also mandatory.

How to Register a Company in Guernsey Remotely?

To ensure a smooth & trouble-free registration of a company in Guernsey, foreign entrepreneurs can retain the services of consulting companies. Specializing in providing  professional advice on company registration in Guernsey, IQ Decision UK can also assist you in many other issues related to opening a business in this jurisdiction. Our experts will be happy to give you a hand with resolving a dispute or filing a lawsuit in Guernsey.

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