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Germany is divided into sixteen independent  states. Berlin, the capital of Germany, has a population of 3,7 million people. Germany borders on 8 countries, such as Holland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Poland & the Czech Republic. Germany’s official language is German; the national currency is the Euro. The key sectors of the economy are agriculture, industry, energy, transport & finance.

Those seeking to register a German company, you will need to choose the most suitable business organization form, namely:

  • LLC (GmbH).
  • JSC (AG).

Opening an GmbH in the Federative Republic of Germany requires:

  • a share capital of 25 thousand euros.
  • founders (minimum 1; no residency requirements; if there’s 2 or more founders, only 50% of an authorized capital must be contributed);
  • a director (minimum 1);

Establishing an AG in the Federative Republic of Germany requires:

  • minimum share capital of fifty thousand euros (twenty five percent is paid at the time of registration);
  • shareholders (minimum 1);
  • directors (minimum one BoD member & three members of the supervisory board).

Opening a German company requires:

  • having a legal address;
  • having statutory documents;.
  • having a unique name;
  • describing the type of business activities;.
  • having a charter;
  • having a tax ID;
  • opening a corporate account in the Federative Republic of Germany.

Registering a company in the Federative Republic of Germany normally takes up to 2 weeks.

A corporate tax rate is from 14% to 17%. At the federal level, an income tax of five point five percent may be levied. Municipal & commercial taxes are levied at a rate of fourteen & seventeen percent (determined by the relevant government agencies). The general combined tax rate (i.e. corporate, trade & solidarity tax) is between thirty to thirty three percent.


Maintaining & submitting financial reports are mandatory. An annual audit is required.

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