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Being the 2nd largest & most populous emirate of the UAE, Dubai is also a major financial, economic & cultural center. Dubai's closest neighbors are the emirates of Sharjah & Abu-Dhabi. The key sectors of the Dubai economy include oil production, trade, construction, real estate, tourism & shipping.

The capital of Dubai is the city of Dubai. Dubai has a population of more than 2.2 million people. The official languages are Arabic & English. The national currency is the Dirham (AED).

Registering a Company in the UAE: Advantages

According to the 2021 Doing Business rating, the UAE is ranked:

  • 15th for protection of minority investors;
  • 11th for ease of doing business;
  • 9th for fulfillment of contract conditions;
  • 7th for ease of property registration;
  • 5th for obtaining building permits;
  • 2nd for the simplicity of the tax system;
  • 1st for connection to the power supply system.

Those wishing to open a company in Dubai or open a bank account in the UAE can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • geographical position (availability of major ports located at the intersection of trade routes from Southeast Asia, Africa & Europe);
  • dynamically growing economy;
  • stable socio-political situation;
  • high GDP;
  • programs for the development of SMS businesses;
  • foreign investments;
  • DTA agreements with over 63 countries;
  • 20 free trade zones.

If you’re going to open a business in the UAE, your best solution would be to register a company in a Dubai Free Zone.

Types of Companies in the UAE

Those wishing to remotely open a company in the UAE can choose from one of the following business organization forms:

  • JV;
  • SP;
  • FZE;
  • FZCO;
  • branch.

If you intend to register a company in Dubai, your best choice would be FZE & FZCO. Their advantages include quick & easy registration procedure, few documents, convenient management scheme & complete exemption from taxation. You can also open a branch of a foreign or already registered enterprise in the UAE, as well as open a branch in another FEZ (if you already have a registered company in the UAE).

To register a company in the UAE, you will need to comply with the following requirements:

  • choosing a unique company name;
  • having at least one founder (can act as a director);
  • having at least 2 directors (individuals and legal entities);
  • having shareholders: from 1 for FZE, from 2 to 50 for FZCO (individuals / companies);
  • having a secretary;
  • having a minimum authorized capital: from 300,000 AED;
  • keeping accounting records for 10 years;
  • renting or buying an office in the selected FEZ;
  • getting a business license.


Those interested in registering a company in a Dubai Free Zone will have to pay the following taxes:

  1. VAT - 5% (full tax exemption is possible);
  2. oil & gas production tax - up to 55%;
  3. banking tax (for branches of foreign companies) - up to 20%.

Please note that there’s no personal income, dividends & capital gains taxes.

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